Monday, March 15, 2010

Fermented Ginger Carrots!!!!

Thanks to A Bitt of Raw showing off her fermented veggies, I decided to make some of my favorite ones...Ginger Carrots~
These are soooo good!!

Ginger Carrots~

5 lbs. of organic carrots shredded in food processor
2 thumbs of ginger or to taste~grated/minced

place ingreds. into a large bowl. remove 1 cup of carrot mixture and I put mine in a magic bullet (small blender) and add 1/2 cup of water..maybe more
blend until thick and juicy. add back to carrot mixture and massage until carrots are limp and juicy. Pack mixture into pint jars making sure the liquid brine is covering the carrots leaving a 1" headspace. seal loosely. sit in a moderately warm place in the kitchen for 3-5 days. They should come alive and be tart and tasty. store in fridge and eat as a condiment with your meals.
Fermented veggies aid digestion and add probiotics to your diet. These are just a couple benefits. You can watch how to do it here with Sandor Katz or at Pure 2 Raw Find out more info at Wild Fermentation


  1. oops they are supposed to be a condiment to my meals? hee hee usually the rest of my meal is a comdiment to my fermented veggies.

    i gotta try just ginger and carrot. sounds yummy.

  2. I keep looking at mine..and drooling. I can hardly wait.
    Thanks again for your post and links. I have several young coconuts in my fridge so I ordered some kefir grains from Marilyn. I should get them tomorrow. I'll be making some coconut kefir water and coconut kefir cheese. This cheese is sooo good, if you haven't tried it you gotta. Here is the link
    I'm just using water grains for the kefir water and then adding it as the starter for the cheese.. so it'll be vegan.



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