Friday, October 23, 2009

Signing off for a while~

I won't be posting for a while...I am studying for my Yoga certification and need to take some time on this until I take the test...

Remember to focus on Jesus first...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



32 oz green juice

Bowl~romaine, carrots, grape tomatoes, red bullhorn pepper
raw crackers with sliced tomato and marinated mushrooms(recipe on previous post)

Rawpuchinno~with Dandy Blend

Bowl~romaine and carrots
Bowl~cole slaw

corn chips topped with banana peppers

shredded chinese cabbage
shredded carrots
diced bullhorn peppers (some were hot)
marinade~ lemon juice, honey and olive oil, salt to taste


32oz of Green Juice
1pint of strawberries

Blended Salad~
shredded carrots
grape tomatoes
handful of chives and dill
1 hot bullhorn pepper

blue corn chips with my salad

Rawpuchinno with Dandy Blend

1 1/2 hr. of Yoga.. :)

bowl of stawberries and pineapple with chia seeds

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Raw Pizza~


32 oz of Green Juice

Mid day~
1 1/2 c. Blended Soup~yesterdays leftover blended salad..blended until smooth and topped with shredded carrots

Raw Pizza
Raw crackers, smeared with Macho Nacho Sauce~topped with marinated portabella mushrooms (1/4c Braggs, 1/4 c extra virgin olive oil, dash of cayenne)
sprinked with shredded carrots (I gleaned my idea from "How We All Went RAW"~uncook book)the recipe is in yesterday's post, just scroll down a bit.

2 Celery stalks stuffed with grape tomatoes and sprinked with granulated dulse
followed by a Dandy Blend Rawpuchinno

dinner or whatever?
blue corn chips with Macho Nacho Sauce

strawberries & Kombucha Tea~GTS gingerade, my favorite

Green Juice
2 bunches of celery
1 bunch of Rainbow Chard
2 carrots
4 lemons
1 lime

I worked on my Yoga certification for a while today and got to practice YOGA during my studies.
I was a little stressed today and ate a small handful of organic jelly beans. I had purchased them this past weekend for my kid's. If I don't have that stuff in my house I don't eat it.. but.. oh boy, if it is here and the conditions are right (like today) I don't think. It really didn't hurt me, but I prefer not to indulge in that kind of stuff because it can lead to other not so healthy cravings. Sugar also compromises the immune system. Check out the link on the side bar. 76 ways sugar can ruin your health "THE DANGERS OF SUGAR".
It is so important to keep our immune systems strong especially during flu season and one way is to eliminate sugar. Tomorrow is another day.......

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday!! A New Day!

I am not sure where the rest of this last week went...but I did not have a chance to blog. But....
Today is a new day! It is the day the LORD has made so let us rejoice and be glad in thanks for all the goodness He has bestowed upon us. Life is truly a gift from our Maker. Remember to be thankful today and look for the good and for ways that we can spur one another on to good works.
It is easy to be negative. The Word of God says:that our words can heal or they can wound.. Proverbs 12:18. The Bible also says: "The tongue has the power of life and death".. Pro. 18:21. May our words today bring a healing salve to those who hear them and may they point to the True Healer, Jesus Christ.

Today I would like to introduce you to Penni Shelton of Real Food Tulsa and Raw Food Rehab

Penni sites will help to educate you about a Raw Foods diet and lifestyle. She has started a raw foods program that will last for 11-weeks for anyone wanting to lose weight and/or improve their health. Go to the site below to sign up or find out more about it. This initative began on October 16th but it is not too late to join. This is not a hard core program but will guide you along wherever you are and encourage you to get started heading in the right direction.


Rawpuchinno~ banana, almond butter, raw cacao, honey, water, 1 t. organic instant coffee (I do not recommend coffee, but I still indulge at this time~a good coffee substitute is DANDY BLEND and I highly recommend it..I use it in my nightly rawpuchinno instead of coffee)and my kids love it..

Blended Salad
2 stalks of celery (chopped in 2" pcs. before putting into the blender)
3/4 of a red bell pepper
1 container of alfalfa sprouts
2-3 c. romaine lettuce
1 pint of strawberries (reserve some to chop & top salad)
1 c. water
handful of cilantro
juice of one lime
Topped with chia seeds and dulse granules (chia for omega 3's & protein, and dulse for iodine, potassium and magnesium~google for more info on these superfoods)

YUMMY! this will make a couple of meals for today

Red/Green Juice 16 oz

1 c. grape tomatoes
2" pcs of celery
sprinkled with dulse granules

Rawpuchinno made with Dandy Blend

raw cracker and Macho Nacho Sauce

Macho Nacho Sauce from "How We All Went RAW" by Chas. Nungesser and Stephen Malachi

In Blender add:
1/2c. distilled water
1 red bell pepper washed and seeded
1/2 c. pine nuts (I use macadamia nuts)
1/2 c. sunflower seeds
1 T. miso( opt. if used omit sea salt)
1 clove garlic
1 Fresno pepper (red Jalapeno)
1 1/2 T. sea salt

Blend on high until creamy. Serve on top of tacos or as a dip for "chips"

I use mine as a spread on raw crackers or make a raw pizza by adding portabella mushrooms soaked in Braggs. Yummy!

I've been jumping on my rebounder today in spurts...whenever I have 5-15 mins...every little bit adds up so don't miss those opportunities

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


16 oz red/green juice

salad from olive garden
minestrone soup

16oz red/green juice

bowl of grapes
one orange

raw pecans/walnuts

kale chips

chipotle crackers


1 hr. 20 mins of YOGA~gotta love it

red/green juice

blended salad~carrots, mixed greens, tomatoes, little green goddess dressing
Mary's gone cracker's caraway..small handful

raw pecans

kale chips

raw chipotle crackers


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cheezy Kale Chips, Southwest Chipotle Crackers~Saturday & Sunday



valencia orange
16oz green green juice

blended salad~celery, tomato, cilantro, romaine, 1 red bell pepper, 6 baby carrots,tahini, garlic clove, dash of sesame oil and sesame seeds
seed crackers


1/3 c. veggie chili with a handful of shredded carrots mixed into it

I am dehydrating some kale chips and southwest chipotle crackers and I made some red/green juice


2 heads of Kale, Washed and Torn~SIT ASIDE

3/4 cup Tahini
1/4 cup Tamari
1/4 cup Cider Vinegar
1/2 cup Water
1/4 cup dried onions
1 clove garlic
1 lemon (juice of)
dash of Sea Salt
1/3 cup of nutritional yeast

Blend everything but the kale until it is creamy and pour over kale and massage into it and let it sit for 10 mins.
spread on Teflex sheets and dehydrate at 115 until crispy.
I had some leftover sauce so I cleaned and de stemmed some rainbow chard and used the rest of it on it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Red/Green Juice

1 bunch of celery
bunch of beet tops
1 bag of spinach
4 lemons
1 lime
chunk of fennel
liquid stevia

Southwest Chipotle Raw Crackers

Pulp from the juice above
handful of shredded carrots
golden flax seeds
sesame seeds
sunflower seeds
nutritional yeast
dried onions
southwest chipotle seasoning from Mrs. Dash
sprinkle of salt
soak water for seeds

mixed together and spread on Teflex sheets. Score into the size you want.
I do not measure but I smell the mixture until it has the aroma I desire. I am
dehydrating this along with my kale/chard chips at 115 until partially dry and then turn them over and remove the teflex sheet to desired dryness.

rawpuchinno (water, 1 t. instant organic coffee, almond butter, banana, honey & ice)

15 oz green juice (celery/kale)

blueberries, blackberries & walnuts

salad~10oz romaine with green goddess dressing

rawpuchinno~water/almond milk,dandy blend, almond butter, banana, raw cacao, honey/agave & ice

seed crackers and 1/4 c. hummus

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday~Soup recipes for cooler weather

The weather is getting cooler. Time for sweaters, sweat pants and of my favorites times of the year.
Today has been a day where I didn't have to leave the house and could stay in my comfy clothes, messy hair and leave off the make up to let my skin breathe.
I am also feeling the effects of yesterdays' Pilates class that lasted 1.25 hrs. Yippee!! for exercise. I do love the way it makes me feel...stronger, more balanced and cleansed. I have signed up for a six week class and hope that she continues it indefinitely. I have also signed up for a weekly yoga class. Both of these forms of exercise are great to build strength and tone the body. When I am doing a regular exercise routine I deal with stress much better also.

I am feeling better with each passing day since my last painful episode. So I must strive each day to eat more water packed fruits & veggies


Large bowl~1 orange, black berries, blueberries topped with a handful of walnuts

blended salad~ mixed greens, 2 tomatoes, 5 baby carrots, few slices of red bell pepper, celery topped with green goddess dressing and some blue corn chips

broccoli soup*

rawpuchinno~left over from last night, I just added some ice

2 T. garlic & chive hummus & blue corn chips

*This is not a raw soup but my gut cannot tolerate raw broccoli soup (I've tried it) My whole family loves this soup, so this is a double recipe.

KATHY'S BROCCOLI SOUP~this is something I made up for a Broccoli Cheese Soup substitute

Saute 1/2 chopped onion & 4-5 crushed cloves of garlic in coconut oil

Add approx. 7-8 c. of water & 4 veggie boullion cubes w/o msg (read your labels)
Or 2-32oz pkgs of Pacific vegetable broth
1 c. of nutritional yeast

When adding the next ingredients you only want to warm until al dente. Do not cook them at high temperatures and destroy the life giving enzymes.

4-5 c. broccoli chopped (I also use the stems and pulse them in a
food processor)
one handful of shredded carrots
one handful of celery leaves
2T of vegan worchestershire sauce or Bragg's liquid aminos
1/2 lemon juiced

Optional: for a creamy consistency you can add 2 T. of vegenaise~when doing this you may prefer to add more nutrtional yeast as it does change the flavor a bit. I prefer mine without this ingredient.
You can also leave out the broccoli and use this as a base for Potato Kale Soup
It is cooler weather and my family does not eat an all raw diet so these are great healthy recipes for those that are not on a strict diet.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gastro intestinal pain & Recovery~Tues-Thurs


red/green juice

lunch with my aunt at a mexican restaurant~
salad with salsa, guacamole, tomatoes and cheese

red/green juice

Gastro-intestinal pain~I believe this is because of the vegan~meatball and a couple of brussel sprouts I ate yesterday, the Papa Joe's salad I ate Saturday and the corn salad. I sometimes have delayed pain from the previous days food consumption, as it was still in my intestinal system. Sometimes this is several days of bad choices for me.
I share this for informational purposes~to help you to analyze your own took me quite a while to figure out that my pain was not necessarily from what I had just eaten but was some type of reaction because of my gut contents. When I am in a situation like this, compele elimination of gut contents is my only relief. Also, it is a reminder not to eat those things that irritate my gut. I have a sluggish system so when I eat heavy foods that tend to hang around a few days it creates an environment ready to wreck havoc on my system and my life. Physical pain~pain that takes your breath away (which this does) interferes with LIFE...with relationships, activities, does draw me close to the LORD...which is always a good thing. Now I just pray for strength, self-control, wisdom and willingness to turn away from the temptations that come my way in this area.
Some heavy foods for me are cooked foods, avocado (boo hoo~I love guacamole), greasy chips (bad anyway) dairy and meat....
For these reasons a raw or high raw diet is what makes my body happy and pain free.
Oh, how strong our previous eating habits and likes become ingrained in us. May we be set free from the bondage of destructive habits...

Later when I could breath and my lunch had moved out of my was time to put something into it that was fiberous and would create activity...

1/3 pineapple


Activity created....!!! Things are moving and pain is gone with just a shadow of irriation left...but nothing I cannot live I want to continue to eat a lot of fiberous things

red/green juice 8oz~ time to make more


blended soup~
baby greens, carrots, red bell pepper, celery and little green goddess dressing and a few chips

little red pepper hummus & chips



I can still feel some residual effects from my indulgences and I am not 100% yet...more nuts & fruit ususally will help..

Blueberries/Blackberries and walnuts


Blended Salad
greens, tomatoes, red/orange peppers celery, green goddess dressing & chips

1 bunch of celery
1/2 bunch kale
3 lemons
1 lime

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend indulgences

I feel a little off balance from my eating this weekend with non-vegan foods. I am not getting satisfied with my meals as I usually do. Therefore I have eaten more today than I feel comfortable with.



Green/Red juice 16oz

blended salad~romaine, radicchio, alfalfa sprouts, 1 tomatoes, 3 baby carrots,1/4 red bell pepper, fennel, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, water

1 banana, carob syrup & walnuts

blended salad~romaine, radicchio, alalfa sprouts,3 baby carrots, fennel, piece of red bell pepper, nutritional yeast, water, topped this mixture with some beet salad and had some organic sesame blue corn chips
10 almonds

I prepared my kids some pasta with vegan meatballs & steamed brussel sprouts
so I tasted...3 meatballs and a couple sprouts

beet salad with corn chips
1T. spicy hummus

nightly rawpuchinno with my kiddo's

Red/Green Juice

1 bunch of celery
1 bunch of beet tops
1/2 bunch of cilantro
1 cucumber
2 carrots
2 lemons
1 lime
2 c. water

Exercise today: 33 minutes on the rebounder

Friday, October 2, 2009


Sunday 10-4-09
16 oz Juice
(celery, beets greens,kale,cucumber, fennel, cilantro, ginger and liquid stevia)

Blended Salad
romaine, 2 tomatoes, cabbage, baby carrots,alfalfa sprouts, dulse, water and topped it with chia seeds, nutritional yeast and beet salad

about a cup of blended salad~romaine, tomato, carrots,sprouts topped with corn/black bean salad and about 3 blue corn chips crushed into it.

corn salad and chips

nightly rawpuchinno

Corn Salad

fresh raw or frozen sweet corn
small amount of black beans
chives (I prefer red onion)
lime juice

Exercise: 33 mins on the rebounder and strength training with weights for my upper body

16oz juice (same as above)


Salad~romaine, green pepper & onion (lightly sauteed) 2T. rice and small amount of black beans, pico de gallo, corn salsa, guacamole
corn chips

During my date with my oldest daughter I had about 1/4 of a Starbucks Tall vanilla latte (not very good really-so I didn't finish it...too sweet..that yukky High Fructose corn syrup) & a not so raw salad from Papa Joe's~lettuce, cheese & sausage with vinegar & oil and a bit of bread...This salad was extrememly rich tasting to me and eating a whole cheesecake...I prefer the light energetic feeling that my blended salad's leave me with...Also this day's diet changed my digestion/elimination in a negative way...way to heavy for today (Sunday I'm back to my blended action and lighter fare)

rawpuchinno~~~I have been sleeping very deeply lately...during the same time frame that I have been drinking these nightly...maybe the Dandy Blend???~a combination of dandelion and other natural ingredients...good detox combo


32 oz. Red Detox juice


1/2 orange
few grapes

mid day
1 1/2 red bell pepper
raw crackers
6 almonds

Beet Salad
organic sesame blue corn chips

rawpuchinno (I'm lovin these things)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I started my day with a..
1/4 of a yellow heirloom watermelon (from my local farmer. this is the best one this summer)

banana suprises

blended salad
mixed greens, 2 tomatoes,1 bell pepper 6 baby carrots, sundried tomato dressing & chia seeds, dulse~topped with beet salad & broccoli salad and a handful of organic corn chips

I tried to kill boredom & a sweet tooth...
by dipping pecan halves in my carob syrup

another small rawpuchinno I shared with the kids (it has almond butter,frozen banana, dandy blend, honey and a little cacao powder, ice & water) healthy stuff!
a couple baby carrots
2 raw crackers (see sidebar for recipe)

before bed 1/2 c. Red Detox Juice

enough water to thin it out to desired consistency

you can use this on homemade banana ice cream, as a fruit dip or like my youngest~just lick it off the spoon


1 bunch of beets peeled & shredded
4 garlic cloves
1/4 c. fresh squeezed lime juice
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
ground cloves to taste
Himalayan salt to taste

marinate for a couple hours

Someone once told me that happiness is a choice....mmmmmmmm....Choose to be happy today!!! :)


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