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Green Smoothies 101

Basics and  benefits of green smoothies and blended foods
1hr. class with handouts and samples

“This course was an investment in my family’s health and future. I am now more aware of how valuable greens and whole foods are. We are what we eat and I want my family to eat fresh whole foods that support life and avoid processed food and chemicals. This class made me more aware that we have not been eating enough greens but also helped me to see that it is not too difficult to add a variety of colors to our diet ….especially when you can drink them in a smoothie “           Amber G.

“Have had a green smoothie every morning and with your tips my kids are drinking them now too. They were just too thick before, so with more water they are gulping them down.”  Nellie  A.

Super Charge Your Immune System and Get Healthy Series
Learn the science about foods and  the immune system. This series is packed with the latest nutritional science and helpful tips for improving your health!

This is a four part series with a lecture and food demo 
Lecture Titles
 #1 Supercharge your Immune System   
#2  Foods that prevent Disease and help you lose weight
#3 Foods for Longevity
#4 Keeping it Simple and putting it all together
Some of the foods you will learn how to make and sample are: 
Smoothies, Blended Salads, Quick and Versatile lunch and dinner entrees  
Almond milk and variations, nut pate, veggie dip, cheesecake desserts and Truffles
You will receive handouts, recipes and get to sample all of the food.  There will also be a Q and  A time.

Nutty Demo
Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and meat free recipes…
some of the recipes you will be sampling are: almond milk and variations, Nacho Cheese, taco meat and  dessert

Fitness classes 
Strength Training

I hope to hear from you soon!
Nutritional Specialist,  Wellness Educator , Certified Raw Food Chef 
Vegan Mastery Certificate, Yoga and Group Fitness Instructor
Host a class and you attend for free*
Contact me for more information by sending a message to  "Wellness Warrior" 
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