Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eat More Veggies!

We try to eat mushrooms as often as possible.  Today we lightly sauteed them with red onion and bell peppers (nothing added).  Mushrooms are one of those foods to have in your immune strengthening arsenal.
Some mushrooms are anti-inflammatory, stimulate the immune system, prevent DNA damage, slow cancer cell growth, cause programmed cancer cell death, and inhibit angiogenesis. Angiogeneiss is the promotion of new blood vessel growth from existing blood vessels.  These blood vessels feed cancer and tumor growth and also fat cells. In addition to these properties, mushrooms also contain aromatase inhibitors – compounds that can block the production of estrogen. Which is good news for inhibiting some hormone cancers.
Studies show that onions halt the development of some cancers. They are loaded with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects.
Colorful vegetables like bell peppers are high on the nutrient density list and they are also a high water content food.
With all of these benefits shouldn't you be eating more vegetables today?

Friday, April 13, 2012

More Local Veggies & Kale and Bean Salad Recipe

Here is a picture of some of the yummy young kale I received from my CSA farmer. 
Kale is a cruciferous vegetable.  
Kale is one of my family's favorite greens.  All of my kids love to put kale in green smoothies or lightly steamed.
Today I am making a kale & bean salad that I came up.

  Kale and Bean Salad
1 bunch of kale~cleaned and chopped
Place kale in the bottom of a large bowl

3 cans of variety beans~ ex. Black, garbanzo, kidney~ drain & rinse
1 small red onion diced fine
1 bell pepper your choice of color
2 stalks of celery diced

Place all of these ingredients in a different bowl.

¼ c. honey or a mixture of agave & honey
½ c. lemon juice fresh or no preservatives
2 T. Extra Virgin Olive oil or flax or hemp oil

Blend marinade ingredients together and pour over bean mixture.
Add pepper if you like or salt free herbs of choice.
Then pour the bean mixture over kale and let sit for a couple of hours to marinate.

This can be served as a main dish or a side.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cruciferous Veggies

This is a picture of some radishes I just devoured.  Our CSA is just about to begin and as usual we have the option to order some of the veggies that are coming on prior to the start of the season.  
Radishes are a cruciferous vegetable and produce ITC's (Isothiocynates) ITC's occur when the cell walls are broken by chewing, blending or juicing.  Make sure you crush those cell walls prior to cooking or the chemical reaction does not occur that produces ITC's.  Try to eat some raw cruciferous veggies everyday.

Why do you need ITC's?

Isothiocyanates combat carcinogens by neutralizing them and compartmentalizing them.   ITC's fight for us...they have anti inflammatory effects, antioxidant effects, they detoxify carcinogens, and prevent carcinogen DNA binding and promote the repair of damaged DNA, promote apoptosis (cancer cell death), promote the excretion of estrogens, they have antiviral & antibacterial properties and they inhibit H. Pylori growth.
here are a few of your choices.....arugula, bok choy, broccoli, broccoli rabe, broccolini, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, mache, mustard greens, radish, red cabbage, rutabaga, turnips, turnip greens, watercress.
I found this photo on my memory card compliments of my daughter.  This picture was taken in my front yard.
Have you ever seen a Pilated Woodpecker?  They are quite breathtaking...and very large.

God Bless your day.......

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time with My Daughters and a Visit to the Farmer's Market

This past weekend my youngest daughter and I went on a road trip to Tennessee to spend time with my oldest daughter.
Time spent with my children is the best.   I love the time trapped in the car with my youngest.  It offers a focused time of sharing.  Then reconnecting with my oldest daughter and taking in the woman she has become and sharing about life is a blessing too.
We have many seasons of life....
Jim Elliott said.....
Wherever you are be all there. 
Make sure you take time to be in the moment, not wandering out in the future or the past too just may miss out on the important stuff.

While we were in Tennessee we took a trip the the Nashville Farmer's Market and then wandered around downtown Nashville.
We visited a really cool eclectic shop called Pangaea with everything from hip and trendy clothing to unique and funky gifts.  
Sorry, no picture but you can follow the link to check it out and if you go to Nashville look them up.
We also visited our favorite Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant  The Wild Cow.  This time they had fresh juice...kale, apple, ginger, which was delicious!  I also spotted a raw raspberry lemon cheesecake that looked yummy....but I was stuffed this time from my taco salad.


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