Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fermenting Bug~

Recently I've noticed a few posts about fermenting and I caught the bug.
I cleared out all the old femented veggies from my fridge. Some of them were two years I was afraid to eat them...they smelled husband always says.."when in doubt, throw it out" out they went. I ate a pint of my ginger carrots today and they were perfect after 4 days on the counter. Last night I made 2 pints of is alive and on it's way. Today my kefir grains arrived from Marilyn the kefir lady. I got the water kefir grains and the milk kefir grains. Both of them looked healthy and are sitting in jars on my counter. Coconut milk in one and sugar water in the other. They look alive and active. I can hardly wait. After my kefir is ready I'm going to crack open my coconuts in the fridge and dig out the meat for some coconut cheese/pudding. This stuff is awesome. A few years back I was purchasing 2-3 cases at a time and we'd have a hay day in the kitchen cracking them open and retrieving the water and meat.
I think my coconut source went dry back then, but I have a new source for young here we go again.

Today was a work day...then to Trader Joe's for a few items then to my parents for a visit. Hi Dad and Mary!!!
Afterwards my daughter and I went to a local park. She rollerbladed and I walked briskly for 35 mins. I'd love to try rollerblading but I'm a chicken. I am 48 yrs. old and a little fearful of breaking something. There are just too many other ways to get my exercise. So I think I'll continue to try to run behind her. :)

Today's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, cacao, ice

48oz of Beauty Juice~celery, cuke, lime, ginger, stevia

Carrotopia~banana, pineapple, carrot~apple~ginger juice..smoothie

1 c. of ginger carrots

dark chocolate covered pomegrante seeds

Baby carrots

BLT~eggplant bacon, tomato, vegenaise on romaine
1 c. ginger carrots

1/2 c. ginger carrots and organic corn chips

BTW~my husband is still hanging in there!!
I better go make his lunch for tomorrow...

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