Monday, February 25, 2013

What's on your Plate?

Everyday we should strive to feed ourselves & our family nutrient dense foods.  
Eating this way improves our health in so many ways.  It improves immune function, mental clarity, endurance, hormone balance, digestive health....
go on, add to this list....& post your comments below of the improvements you have experienced by eating a nutrient dense diet.

Pictured are some of the items I am serving my family today.
strawberries, clementines, snap peas, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, diakon radish & dip.

I made the dip by using Addicted to Veggies vegan sour cream recipe. Click the link to find it.
This is a great non dairy & gluten free recipe that is a staple at our house.

I added dried onion flakes, garlic, lemon juice and dill, a dash of Himalayan salt and a little homemade almond milk to thin it out.  
If you thin this out a bit more it could be used as a ranch salad dressing.   

It's a good idea to have fresh fruits & veggies on your table for the family to munch on.  This helps to curb the mindless eating of unhealthy foods...
If I am on the go and I have these items pre-made at the beginning of my day, I can just bag them up or put a lid on the container and stick them in a cooler to go with me.
I also like to take nut butter or some nuts and rice crackers.
Then I never have to stop for fast food and I keep my body fueled and healthy.
I like to always be prepared and keep it simple.

Lunch today
Roasted Brussels sprouts & organic butternut squash
sprayed with extra virgin coconut oil
Himalayan salt & pepper 

Our family loves this recipe from Real Sustenance. 
This is my second time around with this recipe.
I like to make my own modifications.
First time
 I sauteed diced mushrooms and sliced onions for the meat in the recipe
the onions made it super yummy!
*Daiya Cheese mozzarella shreds
I had left over noodles so I dried them in my dehydrator for the next time I wanted to make it.

Today I used dried shiitake mushrooms for the meat.
The dried noodles
1 1/2 jars of Muir Glen organic pasta sauce
( I got the pasta sauce at Kroger for $1.49 per jar on manager's special)
*Daiya Cheese shreds & ; nutritional yeast

very simple and very good!!

*for my local friends.....Avon Kroger carries Daiya products!!!!
Daiya is gluten free, dairy free, nut free Vegan Cheese....
I especially like their Havarti style~ jalapeno/garlic flavor~mmmmmmmmm

Friday, February 1, 2013

Raw Turtle Cheesecake & Peppermint Patties

In food processor~
1 c. soaked and dried raw hazelnuts (or just use raw)
1 c. pitted medjool dates
pinch of salt
blend until sticky and press on bottom of a springform pan

                       1 1/2 c. raw cashews~soaked for a couple hours and drained
  1/3 c. lemon juice
1/3 c. extra virgin coconut oil~melted
 (set in dehyrator if needed)
1/3 c. raw honey or raw agave
1 t. vanilla extract 
2 twist o Himalyan Salt

Place all ingredients in the food processor and process until smooth and may need to scrape the sides down
After blending in the food processor I generally put the filling in the vita mix to get it extra smooth & creamy

crushed pecans
 Mix cacao powder, agave or stevia to taste and a bit of coconut oil ~drizzle over pecans

after assembly~cover and place in freezer until ready to eat. Then sit out for a couple minutes before slicing.


 One night not long ago I was craving peppermint this is what I did and it worked out quite deliciously 

(approx. measures...I just eyeballed it)
1/8 c. unsweetened flaked coconut & blend into a powder
2 T. coconut butter
10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil to desired strength
blend until smooth
shape into mounds

place in magic bullet (no need to wash it)
2 heaping T. raw cacao
liquid stevia or agave
1 t. vanilla extract
liquefied coconut oil to blend...don't make it too thin.  I usually have to ladle it out and spread on the mounds of peppermint.   
place in the freezer or fridge until set.
You could make these much prettier by spread the cacao mixture all over one side, freeze and turn over and cover the bottoms and freeze again.


Nutrient Dense Blended Soup or Salad & Raw Onion Bread


This is one of my favorite salad/soups combination.
Beginning from the bottom:

fresh mango
red bell pepper
juice of one lime
water to blend

You can use any combination you like and come up with your own favorite blend.  
This is a super hydrating, fiber rich, nutrient dense and a filling soup or blended salad.
I like to leave mine a bit chunky for texture and to get my digestive enzymes flowing from chewing, but you can blend until smooth if you prefer.

My soup/salad after blending.

Blended Soups and salad can be an easy way to get nutrients into those that are ill...ex. elderly, cancer patients or someone with limited ability or desire to chew and swallow food.
For additional calories and or nutrients you can add protein like hemp seeds, chia seeds and sprouted protein powders. Sometimes I will add walnuts for omega 3's.   Extra Virgin Coconut oil is another option.  Be sure to check with your doctor if you have health conditions or concerns.


Blended soup/salad sprinkled with dulse and diced avocado with a side of onion bread.

I doubled my recipe and used sweet red onions instead of yellow/white
makes two trays of bread

Mix together in large bowl until seeds gel~
2c. ground golden flax seeds
2 c. water
2 t. salt

5 carrots chopped up in Vita Mix ( I shredded mine in the food processor)
4 large red onions sliced in Food processor (I used Sweet onions)
3 T. EV olive oil

mix together with hands until thoroughly amalgamated
dry on one side, flip and dry to desired texture and cut up with kitchen scissors

Be kind & considerate to those around you......
and put on love 

Community Supported Agriculture

I've been involved with a Community Supported Agriculture for 8 years....and I am looking forward to our 2013 CSA.   This past year I was blessed to be the host of a CSA group in my own neighborhood.
We had a great year of sharing and learning new ways to use our produce.  Some members discovered many new vegetables and found out just how delicious fresh local produce can be.
Just a few weeks ago I was still getting winter vegetables and I am longing for the greens of spring.....which is just around the corner.  :)
The pictures that you see are 1/2 share boxes.  Our boxes were always stuffed full of locally & sustainable grown, chemical free food.  
If you know me and would like to know more about our two Westside  CSA locations, give me a holler or message me.  We are having informational meetings this month and in March.
If you not in my area you can find a CSA near you at:

This fig is one of the goodies I received in one of my shares....mmmmmmmmmmm.......


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