Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Checking out for awhile....

A Big Thank You to my readers for following me...but...
I have need to attend to some family matters at hand, so I may not post for a a while. My childrens' grandfather is dying...They doctors has given him 24 hrs....This is my ex-father in law, who was dear to me. A very funny man, he always had a joke to tell. He loved to eat and share good food with you, whenever he made something new...he insisted you try some. He was a hard working man and he was full of life...until he was diagnosised with prostate cancer. At first the treatment wasn't invasive, and he bounced back quickly...but when they began giving him chemo and radiation, it began sucking the life out of him. It was sad to watch this vibrant, healthy man take this route....
Harold Karas.. will be deeply missed....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 8 ...Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

For all my new readers out there...this is what I am doing...THIS IS A RE-POST here at the top~
I am trying an old approach to my eating pattern. One that I used when trying to recover from multiple issues stemming from systemic candida. I do not have a problem from candida right now, but I want to use this approach to re-set my metabolism and gain muscle and tone up a bit. When I ate in this fashion before, I lost excess weight quickly and re-shaped my body by adding exercise to my life. I am not really trying to lose weight, but I have been feeling a bit out of balance from not having sufficient fuel from not eating as much or as often as I should.
I will be endeavoring to eat at least six small meals a day with a bit more protein than I have previously been accustomed to. I am also going to add some brown rice cakes and Mary's Gone Crackers to my menu. I am wanting a bit more carbs for my workouts and my physically demanding work. I am not sure how my body will take the grain, but we will see.
I will still be on a High Raw Vegan Diet, but I want to be more thoughtful about timing and content.

Today has been another busy day attending to some legal matters.
I did manage to get in a 30 min. power walk before I came home to take care of my family.

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs, ice

kiwi, strawberries, oranges (small bowl)

Greek Salad & whole grain bread~

red and yellow bell pepper
rice cake with raw almond butter

kefir water

mini clif bar


Recently a friend of mine explained that she had discovered a connection with her young daughter's severe Pain in her toes, to gluten and nightshades.
Interesting, I thought....mmmmmmmmmmmm......
In my very recent past...for about 2 to 3 years prior to going high grains....I had had severe toe pain. My mother thought it was some type of neuropathy. She has diabetes and said my pain was identical to hers. So, I checked out the symptoms and it sounded just like what I was experiencing. The pain I had was so bad, every night for over a year I paid my children to rub on my feet and squeeze them to try to distract me from the pain, sometimes I would get in the tub and run extremely hot water on them. I just couldn't figure out what was causing this pain, and of course I wasn't going to go to the doctor.
Well...the more I increased raw foods in my diet the less pain I had...until..I didn't remember when I last had pain in my toes, but I hadn't connected it to gluten/ when I heard about my friends daughter, I thought I would do an experiment.
This is why you have been seeing me eating whole grain bread from time to time.
The first time I ate the bread it wasn't part of the experiment. My daughter and I had a veggie sub and that night and for a couple nights I realized my toes were hurting...but I didn't make the connection...hindsight...then a few days later I remembered eating the bread...mmmm...I wondered could it this is when I thought I would try it again the following week. Yep, it happened again but it didn't last as I thought it was my imagination....again....yep, toe pain returned, but still not very long.....
if you look over my last week or so of eating, I have had whole grain bread a few times..not sure of the count..a little every few days...
Well, today I believe without a doubt that the bread/grain/gluten is causing my pain. I had a piece of whole grain baguette today and it didn't take too long before they began to hurt. Each time the pain seems to be getting worse. With that said, I am finished with my experiment!
Brown Rice cakes will be my carb from now on. :)

Perhaps you have some issues that may unknowingly be related to gluten.
You may want to read this article by Mark Hyman MD, Gluten, What You Don't Know Might Kill You

I encourage you to do your own research and try an elimination diet to see if you have improvements.

I have shared this hoping to help someone else discover what is causing their pain. If this helps you in any way, please let me know.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7....Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs, ice

1 green pepper

1 yellow pepper
almond butter
rice cake

WORKED FOR 4.5 HRS. Hard at it..vigorous housecleaning & then power walked for 45mins.

smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs, mesquite, lucuma, ice

Zuchinni ribbons (raw),topped with raw marinara Raw walnut parmesan\
My kids were eating one of Amy's no cheese pizza's so I had a bit of this with my raw pasta, I figured with all the calories I used up today, it wouldn't hurt me

red pepper hummus

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Woodpeckers....My Daughter & her Hubby Visit and...Day 6...High Raw...Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

A few minutes ago I was downstairs checking my e mail and I heard something like a jack hammer dog came stopped....then it did it again.... it stopped... then my dog went ahead of me up the stairs to see what the noise was....there was a Pilated Woodpecker on the tree in front of the guess is he first tried out the trim on our house and since it is metal, he went to the tree. The Pilated is nearly as large as a crow, it is the largest woodpecker in most of North America. Its loud ringing calls and huge, rectangular excavations in dead trees announce its presence in forests across the continent.I tried to paste a picture of one of these magnificent birds, but could not. Click here to see a picture of him.
We live in a wooded area so we get to enjoy many of God's creatures on a daily basis. I love to sit on our deck and just listen....

Take time today to the sounds around you...maybe you live in the city...but God's creatures are everywhere....some of them are people...are you listening or just waiting to talk...listening is a skill most of us need to work on...

This weekend we had to pleasure of visiting with my daughter and her husband. This is their first visit (as a married couple).. up here since their wedding in February. Ahhh...the blessings of seeing what the Lord has done, has filled my day! I am a thankful mama..

Since we were out with my daughter and her hubs...we went to the Olive Garden for lunch...therefore my lunch was not my usual, but sometimes certain occasions cause us to make different choices than the norm...

with that said...

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ice

bowl of stawberries, kiwi, oranges

this was a major cheat meal~
lunch~ salad, zuchinni, stuffed mushrooms, flatbread with Bruchetta, a bowl of minestrone husband got some kind of chocolate cheesecake together we indulged in a piece of this...I have to was tasty....and we had such a great time being with my daughter and her husband.....I did not stuff myself, but had a sampling of the items in bold lettering above.

mini clif bar

kefir water

BTW~my husband is still maintaining his weight loss and still eating a High Raw Vegetarian diet...he is happy with his appearance, his mental clarity, having the ability to bend over comfortably, he doesn't complain about joint aches and pains like he used to and...:)...31 a substaintial loss...He burns alot of calories by lifting and stacking heavy items at his job and I am still seeing his body composition transform

we both did
Cardio/abs with Tony Horton

Day 5...High Raw....Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, mesquite, lucuma, maca, cacao nibs, ice

Strawberries, kiwi, blackberries

rice cake and raw almond butter

3:30pm~ romaine, green peppers and onion..lightly steamed, guac, corn, jalapeos, cilantro
a few corn chips

smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, Amazing Green Superfood, mesquite, cacao nibs, ice

red pepper hummus and a few corn chip crumbs
kefir water

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 4...High Raw..Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

Today began a little different since I was fasting for my blood work to be done at the Health Screening. They were not able to draw my blood until 11:30 a.m....So this is when my first meal began....and I was ready for it.
The fair is a great place to make contact with others that are endeavoring to be healthy in one way or another. This one was given at the senior center, so there were many elderly people there. As I was leaving someone was directing the seniors in some functional stretches!! Yeah!!! for them. I won one of many door prizes that were given away....a huge Boston Fern!!!
They were also giving away travel toothbrushes, yard sticks, pens, pencils and eco-friendly re-usable bags among other candy & cookies...healthy??? Not!!! One of the vendors generously gave me one of their T-shirts that was there for display.

Check your neighborhood hospital event calendar for health fairs in your area... our county hospital sponsors ours.

11:30 a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, mesquite, maca, lucuma, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao, ice

1 pm one whole green pepper
6-8 small soaked raw almonds

3 pm big bowl of leftover Kale Salad from the other day..I added diced cukes and 1/2 jalapeno pepper sprinkled with nutritional yeast
piece of whole grain bread

mini~clif bar

6:30pm~smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs

Power Yoga and Sculpt 3-4 with Tony

late dinner~
romaine lettuce, tomato, eggplant bacon crumbled up, fermented ginger carrots, Italian Mustard Dressing
kefir water

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Health Screenings

For those of you Reading in Indy~ tomorrow morning is the day for~


~they do take a blood draw, so fast for an accurate reading.
~see you there!

Friday, 4/23/2010
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Hendricks County Senior Services
1201 Sycamore Lane,

Contact info:
Jill Woodward(317) 745-3553

Screenings offered: Cholesterol and glucose. Fasting is recommended, but not required. Appointments are not necessary

If you are unable to make it to this one...they will be doing it again here:

Danville Apostolic Church Health & Safety Fair

Saturday, 5/15/20

12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Ellis Park
600 E. Main Street,

Hendricks Regional Health will provide blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings. Screenings are free

and here~

Brownsburg Health & Safety Fair

Tuesday, 5/11/2010
5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Brownsburg Town Hall
61 N. Green St.,

Hendricks Regional Health will provide blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings. Screenings are free and appointments are not required.

Day 3...High Raw...Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

It was another beautiful day here in the mid-west, 70 degrees and Sunny! :)
We are in for some rain over the next few days so I made sure to get some Vitamin D (sunshine) during my 1 hr. power walk today. Today was also a work day for me, four hours of non-stop vigorous housecleaning. I intentionally do not take a break when cleaning so as to make the most out of it. Here is a link on, "How to Get Fit Cleaning House" For many out there this may not be challenging , but there may be some of you that would benefit from these suggestions.

This listing of Calories burned comes from Nutrastrategy
*I am not recommending everything you find on this site, but there is a good listing of other activities/calories burned.

Activity (1hour)
If you weigh.......................130lbs....155lbs.....190lbs

Cleaning, heavy, vigorous effort...266........317........388
Cleaning, house, general...........207........246........302
Cleaning, light, moderate effort...148........176........216

After looking at this chart I see now why my energy levels were dropping ....all raw with little carbs..I was mostly drinking juice during my working hours...celery juice has very few calories.
Prior to beginning my cleaning business I only exercised in spurts for the last year because of injury and the busyness of life.
It is essential that we fuel our bodies according to our activity levels and goals we are trying to achieve.

Intentional eating for today~

7 a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, lucuma, mesquite, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao nibs

9 a.m.Green Juice~celery, lime, ginger, stevia
strawberries and kiwi

12 noon~snack while working~
brown rice cake and raw almond butter
1 whole red bell pepper

2 p.m. Just before my power walk
Veggie sandwich~loaded with veggies and sprinkled with oregano/olive oil and balsamic vinegar

4 p.m.smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, mesquite, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate (heaping T.), ice

6:30 p.m.Dinner~
1 small zuchinni peeled with a veggie peeler to make into strips
topped with~

Marinara~made it up on the spot
In vita-mix~blend
3 soaked sun dried tomatoes~organic, sulfur free (plus soak water)
1/2 large tomato
1 clove of garlic
drizzle of olive oil
italian herb blend
dash of salt

Sprinkled with some Raw Walnut Parmesan~~~
walnuts & nutritional yeast & italian herbs

This last meal was delicious and I'll be doing it again.

9pm~while typing this~kefir water & a few of Brad's Raw Chips

1 hr. power walk today and knee seems to be improving. It did not bother me as much today at the end of my walk.

Now off for some time with the kids before retiring~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 2 of...High Raw...Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

I'm going to call my new approach to eating...Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being. For some time now I have not been eating enough and have felt drained at times, therefore I will intentionally eat more and time my meals accordingly...for optimal energy.
As I wrote previously, I will be trying to eat at least 3 small meals and 3 snacks a day to re-set my metabolism and increase and maintain my energy levels throughout the day. I am also going to try not to eat so many sweet raw goodies..I will be adding more protein and some carbs by way of nuts, nut butters, cooked beans/lentils and rice cakes and Mary's Gone Crackers. I will still maintain a High Raw Vegan Diet, because I do best by eating this way. I have not been able to gain the muscle that I would like and my past experience and research indicate this is the best way for me to achieve my goal.

What are your goals??? Write them to find out the best way to achieve them...and then Begin to move toward them. Pray for wisdom and direction and strength to carry them through. If you stumble, get up and keep moving toward the goal.

Today's eats~

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, frozen banana, mesquite, lucuma, maca, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao nibs

rice cake with almond butter

nori roll~avocado, cuke, green pepper, a spray of Bragg's liquid amino's
romaine lettuce
strawberries, blackberries, kiwi

right before my workout I ate~ a mini chocolate brownie Clif energy bar..lunch didn't quite give me the energy to do a 75 min workout...I found a box of these at Meijers for 50% off...18 bars for $, cheap...they do have soy...but they are very small...and it was very good and served the purpose...they are about half the size of their normal bar and it was just enough...I am going to have to get creative and make my own energy bars for between meal snacks and pre-workouts.

coconut water kefir
green pepper strips
1/3 c. pinto beans

1/2 c. pinto beans~topped with fresh salsa(tomato, jalapeno, garlic, lime, onion, cilantro,salt), chopped red onions with some Mary's Gone Crackers for dipping
Green peppers
coconut kefir water

snack~smoothie~1 c. raw almond milk~unstrained this time, 1/2 banana, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs, mesquite, ice
this made about 1 1/2 cups

power yoga and Tony Horton Cardio...I'm still babying my knee

As I type this I hear my kefir bubbling like it is getting ready to explode!!! I do like it fizzy...but I don't want to lick it off the walls....better go check it out. :)

****By the way.I thought I better check out my Title, "Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being"...well, the Bible says, There is nothing new under the sun....I found that there is a program out there titled, "Intentional Eater"
..what I am doing has nothing to do with this title just seemed to describe what I am trying to do....I do not know what their program is...I just goggled it a moment ago after posting to my this is an edit.. :) But I'm not going to change my title....because I am intentionally changing some things about my eating patterns.

Colon Hydro-therapy

In my previous blog entry about "Death Beginning in the Colon." I failed to mention the benefits of colon hydro-therapy. So I'm tagging this info on today....

For my colon hydro-therapy I see Terri Hawkins-Fox at Natural Rejuvenation
Terri is also a raw foodist among many other things. She has a boat load of credentials and a history with Ann Wigmore and her foundation. If you live in Indy, I recommend seeing Terri!

This excerpt is taken from Fountain of Health in California

Why Do People Receive Colon Hydrotherapy?

Athletes have opted for colon therapy to improve metabolic efficiency.
Many receive the treatments during a period of lifestyle change or as a preventive measure.

Another group manifests symptoms of intestinal distress; constipation (some from prescription drugs), carbohydrate indigestion, diarrhea, gas, bloat, hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diverticulitis, colitis, parasites, skin conditions such as psoriasis, shingles, and eczema, inability to lose weight, and scar tissue and adhesions from surgery.
Another group is pain motived; abdominal pain, continuous headaches and migraines, back or shoulder pain, aching joints, gout.
A number of clients are immune-compromised with lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barre, candida, infections, colds or influenza.

Colon hydrotherapy sessions are used for medical reasons: pre- and post-surgery or barium x-ray, stool samples, and geriatric.
A number come in during a fast, a cleansing program, a raw food diet, a liver and /or gallbladder flush, or recovering from an accident.
Some are working on emotional issues which they feel are physiologically rooted in their intestines.

What Will Colonics Do For The Colon?
Cleanse the Colon: Breaks down toxic excrement so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Toxins built up over a long period are gently removed in a series of treatments. Your colon can begin to co-operate again as it was intended. In this sense, a colonic is a rejuvenation treatment.

Exercise the Colon Muscles
: The build-up of toxins weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves peristalsis (muscular contraction) by which the colon naturally moves material. Having Colonics is like taking your colon to the gym.

Reshape the Colon: When problem conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape because the colon is a muscle and it will enlarge to the build up of toxins not being released. That in turn causes more problems. The gentle action of the water, coupled with massage techniques of the colon therapist, help to eliminate bulging pockets of poop and narrowed, spastic constrictions finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state.

Stimulated Reflex Points in the Colon: The colon is connected to every system and organ in the body by reflex points. The colonic stimulates these points thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way. Thus creating overall well-being and health in the body.

Hydration of the Whole Body: Water is absorbed into the body through the colon which increases the volume of blood. The circulation of the blood is increased, resulting in a greater bathing of the cells. This dilutes the toxins and flushes them out; relieving toxemia and uremia; and increasing elimination both through the kidneys, and the skin as well as the bowels. All this generally assists the cardiovascular and circulatory systems to be more efficient.

Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy

Compression of neighboring organs disappears or attenuates when volume reduces in the colon. Relaxing effect on organs above intestines such as the liver, heart, and lungs. Sensation of lightness may be experienced.

Reduces pressure in the intra-abdominal area which improves venous return from lower extremities and pelvic zone. Relaxes pressure on the hips and lumbar column and is beneficial to their mobility. Relaxes abdominal muscles from the action of water temperature and massage that accompany the colonic. Increases abdominal muscle tone due to reducing intestinal residues.

Stimulates peristaltic action of intestines restoring normal muscle tone and therefore removal of constipation. Potential to correct intestinal transit problems such as constipation and diarrhea without resorting to prescription drugs.

Sensation of well being due to the elimination of mucus, alimentary remainders not digested, gases and toxic bacteria. Relieves inflammation and edema due to elimination of irritating substances.

Expels parasites due to alternating water temperatures and complementary additives to colonic water such as garlic and other vermifuge (parasite killing) herbs. Decreases demineralization of body because it improves metabolism.

Relieves gynecological disorders such as cystitis and dysmenorrhea due to reduction of a prolapsed intestine. Reduces risk of complications after surgery because it reinforces natural immunity. We can suppose colon hydrotherapy improves functions of the large intestines, lymph and nervous system because a relation exists between them in the GI tract.

Reduces weight and slims due to activating elimination. Creates an increase in mental capacity and rejuvenation since it decreases the degenerative process, normal or accelerated, by removing toxic substances that affect biological aging.

Fountain of Health Wellness Center and Spa
Beautifying Your Insides
2820 T Street Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 456-4600
This area is for information only, and should not be considered as medical advice. It is supplied so that you can make a informed decision. please consult with your health practitioner before considering any therapy or therapy protocol.

How to (really) Read a Blood Chemistry

How to (really) read a blood Chemistry is a link to give you some knowledge of what might be going on when you get your labs back from your doctor. I always request a copy of my bloodwork and suggest that you do too!

Food Combining, Digestion and the Colon....

Today I received a note from a dear friend reminding me of Food Combining principals. I normally follow these to a T, because of my digestive issues, but yesterday I found myself limited on what I could eat because I was not prepared....and I was hungry. Good reminder to all of prepared or you may find it easy to slip up and not accomplish the goals you have set for yourself or eat a disasterous combination. For some, they do not recognize or have identifiable symptoms of poor food combinations.
Many people have vague symptoms of digestive distress or other toxic symptoms of the body that seem to have no relationship to the gut...But you may have heard the quote, "Death Begins In The Colon" is a Great Article about this topic...if you read any of my links..check out this one
This article written by Ron Harder, Nutritional Health Consultant, Iridologist, and Author of "How to DEFEAT CANCER NATURALLY without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery".

These are the three general rules of food combining from "Frederic Patenaude's book", Raw Secrets This link will give you a bit of reasoning behind the rules.
- Do not combine fat with sugar
- Do not combine acids with starch
- Do not combine different types of fatty foods within one meal

This list shows the amount of time each food takes to digest...
When you mix something that only takes minutes and something that takes hours to digest, you get fermentation....gas, bloating..general discomfort. You become toxic, sometimes you will get muscle aches or cramps, congestion, pain, chronic disease....etc., etc....

Juices and Water: 20-30 minutes
Soups, Fruits, or Smoothies: 30-45 minutes
Vegetables: 30-45 minutes
Grains, Starches: 2-3 hours
Beans, Poultry, Meat, or Fish: 3 or more hours

Here is a link to a "Food Combining Chart"~that is good for anyone, no matter what type of diet you are consuming.
Other links:
Puristat~article about Food Combining for Better Digestion
Dr. Stanley Bass, Sequential Eating and Food Combining
RawFoodExplained has a series of articles - "The Principles Of Digestive Physiology Which Decree Correct Food Combining"

Remember to do your own research..

What prompted this article ...Yesterday, for lunch I had celery, walnuts and Mary's Gone Cracker's

Mary's cracker's are delicious, vegan, gluten free, wheat free and organic.
But the combination of fiberous celery, crackers and walnuts kind of hurt my tummy....just too much fiber in one meal.
The ingredients for the crackers are:Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, Organic Whole Quinoa, Organic Brown Flax Seeds, Organic Brown Sesame Seeds, Filtered Water, Organic Wheat-Free Low Sodium Tamari (Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol), Sea Salt.
Food combining rules fat and grains together.....the only true grain in the ingredients is the brown rice....they fat I had was in the nuts...I cannot say I felt really bad, but just had some from now Mary's crackers and nuts...
Mary's crackers are not raw...but they are a very good addition to a vegan, gluten free diet.

Today~I'll be eating more water dense veggies....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Groove~ "Brad's Raw Chips"~Coconut Water Kefir

I am trying an old approach to my eating pattern. One that I used when trying to recover from multiple issues stemming from systemic candida. I do not have a problem from candida right now, but I want to use this approach to re-set my metabolism and gain muscle and tone up a bit. When I ate in this fashion before, I lost excess weight quickly and re-shaped my body by adding exercise to my life. I am not really trying to lose weight, but I have been feeling a bit out of balance from not having sufficient fuel from not eating as much or as often as I should.
I will be endeavoring to eat at least six small meals a day with a bit more protein than I have previously been accustomed to. I am also going to add some brown rice cakes and Mary's Gone Crackers to my menu. I am wanting a bit more carbs for my workouts and my physically demanding work. I am not sure how my body will take the grain, but we will see.
I will still be on a High Raw Vegan Diet, but I want to be more thoughtful about timing and content.

Today's eats~

7 a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs

9 a.m.Green Juice~celery, lime, ginger, liquid stevia
brown rice cake with raw almond butter

Green juice
raw walnuts
4 Mary's Gone Cracker' tummy was not very happy with this combination...

3 p.m...After my 3 mile walk...I ate
1 whole yellow pepper
handful of strawberries

soy free (non-raw) fake meat crumbles ~I made into
CONEY SAUCE for the kids vegan hot catsup, red onion, garlic, cumin, red (hot)pepper powder

5:15 p.m. I wrapped my meat crumbles into a romaine lettuce leaf
coconut water kefir

7:30 p.m.smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, Amazing Grass ~chocolate~1 scoop, 1T cacao nibs, 1 t. mesquite, ice

I am still a bit hungry I am eating a bowl of shredded romaine lettuce with nutritional yeast sprinkled on it and
Brad's Raw chips

~~~~~power yoga today and power walked for 3 miles

I am still drinking my coconut water kefir every day and love it. Pure2Raw has some great video's on how it make it. Click here to watch them.

I received a package of samples from "Brad's Raw Chips" they generously sent me two flavors to review. They are Raw, vegan, gluten free, rich in protein, high fiber,a source of Omega-3's and made from locally grown and organic ingredients....sounds good already!
We received Kale chips and Red Pepper chips.
My adult (Vegan) son and I have tried both of them and we prefer the Red Pepper. They are flavorful, light, crunchy and slightly remind me of eating a cracker. They would go great with a dip or spread as they are firm enough to hold up under it. I could not sit down and eat the whole bag, because they are dense and provide a satisfactory full feeling.
The Kale chips also have the same qualities as the red pepper chips. My son says the Kale is a bit overpowering for him, but I like kale so I didn't notice this.
Brad also has some of the 11 flavors in the Hot variety, which I actually think I'd prefer...I'm a spicy girl...and I think this would kick up the flavor a notch.

Here is what Brad has to say about them~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kale Salad...Italian Mustard Dressing and Salsa Recipes


2 heads of kale cleaned and de-stemmed and shredded
red onion
pumpkin seeds
chopped tomato
olive oil
lime juice
Bragg's Liquid Amino's

This salad is best left overnight to marinate and soften.

ITALIAN MUSTARD DRESSING...I just made this up off the top of my head..good and tangy

1/2 c. olive oil
1/4 c. lime juice
1/8 c. coconut water vinegar
1/8 c. water
Italian seasoning blend
1 T. dijon mustard
Blend in Vita-mix


In Vita-mix
2 large heirloom tomatoes
1 jalapeno
1/4 red onion
1/4 c. lime juice
2-3 garlic cloves
blend on #2
chopped cilantro & one large chopped tomato & salt

These are a few recipes I've made in the last couple of days. I've been eating a lot of kale salad, smoothies and blended soups. I also got my jucing done for a couple days. I've been spending time with my family and watching my son work out in our yard, as he tries to re-create order and new design. We are giving him free reign to landscape our front yard and I am excited to see how it turns out this summer. I'll post before and after pictures when the project is complete.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Review on Ironman Inversion Table and the Benefits of Inversion Therapy

This is the table my husband and I recieved. He has lower back issues and has been using it consistently since March 21st. He claims that it is relieving the pain and discomfort in his lower back and his neck pain went away completely . He also finds it to be stress relieving. I also noted that my neck pain went away just after a few times of using it. I also have an ankle that goes out frequently and it helped to put it back in place this last time.
See you later~Mr. Chiropractor...I am not saying that we'll never go back, but I do think our visits will be fewer.
Now about the construction of this product.
First on putting it was relatively easy and quick...thanks to 18 yr old son did it in about 30-45mins. The mat you lie on is nice and firm. The cushions on the ankle pads are thick and secure. Overall, it appears to be very sturdy. We feel this table is worthy and reasonably priced. We are very happy with our purchase and at this time we would recommend it. There are more expensive tables, but for our family this one will get the job done and not rob the bank.
Follow this link for the Benefits of Inversion Therapy

This is a partial list of suggested benefits of Inversion Therapy

May Help to Relieve Many Forms of Back Pain
Helps Provide Care and Feeding for the Discs
Helps Improve Circulation and Accelerates the Cleansing of Blood and Lymph Fluids
May Help Increase Oxygen Flow to the Brain
Inversion Therapy May Help Reduce the Effects of Aging Caused by the Force of Gravity
Decongests Internal Organs:
Relieves Varicose Veins:
Enables the Body to Stretch and Re-Align
Strengthens Ligaments

~~~~~~~~~Yoga Inversion poses provide many benefits also, so if you
cannot purchase a table practice Yoga~~~~~~~~~~

Gives the heart a break.
Stimulates the endocrine system.
Calms the mind.
Strengthens the core.
Enhances ability to concentrate and remain focused.
Increases body awareness.
Helps with circulation

Here is a good site to learn about Yoga...Yoga Trainer
Click here to check out images of Yoga Poses from Yoga Journal You can also build your own sequence to share or
Here is their link to free 20 min. practice podcasts
On my sidebar are links to additional free Yoga Practice Video's

Raw eats~
a.m. smoothie~
raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao, 1 t. organic instant coffee

coconut kefir water

pineapple and raw walnuts (soaked)

I'll be having a Blended Salad/ for lunch and dinner today...but I must get off the computer and clean some veggies...I have not had time to juice and I am missing my Green Lemonade...

Take time today to laugh, touch and pray.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warming up and Ready for Boating!

We are having another 80 degree day! I'm going to go get my vitamin D on.

Last week I overworked my knee and caused some type of stress injury so, I have been laying off the squats. Boo hoo! I was ready to move on to P90X and now I have to wait. Instead of my regular routine I've been power walking everyday and practicing yoga. Today I did my sculpt routine without the leg work and my ab routine. At 48 yrs. old I am not trying to achieve some great athletic body but I do want to be fit and toned when we get out on our boat this year. We are hoping to put it in the water this weekend and I am looking forward to spending time with my family, relaxing and reading while enjoying the peacefulness of the water.

Today's eats~

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs
1t. instant organic coffee

coconut kefir water

Blended Soup~romaine, cuke, tomato, celery, tahini, lime juice, Bragg's Liquid Amino's or Nama Shoyu~blended and topped with diced tomato & shredded dulse

After my workout~
Protein/Green Superfood Smoothie~ 1 1/4 c. raw almond milk, banana, 1 scoop each of Amazing Green Superfood~chocolate and Nutribiotic Vanilla Rice Protein powder, 1 T. cacao nibs, ice

These are two of my favorite add in's for a power smoothie!

I've got some Portabella mushrooms marinating in Bragg's, olive oil and agave. I'll have mine raw and grill the other's for the crew.
Side Dishes~ for me~the rest of my blended soup from earlier... and Brown rice and veggies for the family.

If you have any thoughts about nursing my knee, please post them below.
Thanks for reading my blog!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking, Working and Eating!

We are having gorgeous weather here in the mid-west.... Sunny and low 70's!!
Over the weekend my hubby and I walked about 9 miles and I got in a 3 mile walk today after working hard at it for 5 hours of intense house cleaning-on the job..then when I got home I cleaned out two vehicles. One vehicle I readied to turn in because our lease is up and the other is our new used car which needed a good scrubbing and carpet cleaning. I could hardly stand up straight when I got finished, so I decided I got my workout in today :)
I think I'll sleep good tonight.

Today's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, cacao nibs, mesquite, lucuma, maca, 1t. organic instant coffee
coconut kefir water
nori roll~1/2 avocado, marinated fennel, baby bella, roma tomatoes (Braggs,olive oil, agave)
1/2 cuke
2 celery sticks

Amazing Green Superfood smoothie~raw almond milk, 1 banana, 2 scoops of A.G.Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs, mesquite, lucuma ~I drank this before cleaning the cars

My son make a veggie pizza~

Eggplant Bacon Ranch Pizza...not raw but I had to taste it!!amazing!
Thin crust~
Spread this on the crust~
Ranch Dressing~vegenaise, lemon juice, garlic clove~blended in Vita-mix (I usually add onion flakes or powder, but I didn't have any this time)`thin with water if needed
topped with~
Eggplant bacon
thin sliced tomatoes
red onion
soy crumbles
bake until brown~ or make an almost raw one with raw crackers & no soy crumbles..use walnut crumble Taco Meat recipe and warm it in the dehydrator

Little Cutie~mint chocolate chip~over the top today!
Coconut Water Kefir~

Friday, April 9, 2010

Resources, tools and trackers....

This week has flown by for me. I am sitting at the table with a bag of flax seed from the freezer on my knee. (instead of ice) I worked out a little too hard and evidently I didn't stretch adequately. Here is a reference guide to stretching and free videos to boot. This resource is from "The Spark People" a resource for all kinds of information and resources, and best of all it is free. This is not a raw food site, but the resources it provides are wonderful for anyone trying to embark upon a healthy lifestyle. It is like a cyber thing I didn't like about it was the ad's for prescription medication and for processed foods....but use discernment and do your own research.

I've been drinking lots of keifer water and using digestive enzymes lately and they have made a tremendous difference in my digestive health.
My water kefir grains have doubled already. If you are interested in water kefir, I highly recommend Marilyn the kefir lady. The grains are super healthy!!!

My diet has basically stayed the same. High Raw...more fruits than I previously posted. I've needed more carbs because of my new workout routine... and my new job is physical, so my energy expenditure has increased therefore I need more calories.

I've been enjoying the outdoors and walking more, Power 90, and doing Yoga.

My plan for today....skating with my daughter for three hours...oil change...and marriage conference with my wonderful hubby!
I hope you have a blessed day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Benefits of Strength Training~Functional Fitness

Today my daughter and I worked out cleaning a home for 4 1/2 hours then we went for a brisk walk in the park. There were lots of people walking dogs and children were playing in the playground.
All of the trees are beginning to bud and everything is turning green and flowers are blooming. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Everything comes back to life and shows it's beauty.
After our walk we did some shopping for fruits/veggies and some necessities and then back home.
time to go cop some zzzzzzzzzz's
good night

Yesterday's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, chia seeds, cacao, mesquite, maca, lucuma,instant organic coffee


16oz of Coconut kefir water/celery juice blend

Garlicky Italian Spaghetti Squash not raw~
1 spaghetti squash~steamed or baked until soft enough to remove
sliced black olives
diced roma tomatoes
earthbound olive oil blend
2-4 garlic cloves~I used 4 med.
Italian seasoning blend
red pepper flakes
sorry no measurements~I just threw this is good room temp/warm or cold

small piece of leftover RAW CHEESECAKE

40 mins. weight/strength training and 30 mins of power yoga

I have been faithful to my workouts since the beginning of March and I am beginning to see an improvement in my body composititon, tone and strength.
Prior to this I worked out, but only sporadically because of ups and downs in my health and my schedule. Things are clicking along right now and the weather is warming up. I do love to get outside and workout.
Follow this link for the Benefits of Strength Training. You will probably be amazed at the improvements this can make for your life/health.

There are many types of exercise out there. Find something you will do.

Here is a link to free Functional Fitness video's.
What is functional fitness? It's about teaching all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently.
This is for the purpose of strengthening and improving all muscles to function well in everyday activities, it improves athletic ability and core strength among many other benefits.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection Sunday!

Today many people are celebrating Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I am celebrating Jesus Christ Resurrection and how this has changed my life.
My husband got called in to work today and we were laughing about how he was going to make a name for himself in his new position at work by working on a holiday. He is known as one of the hardest workers at his company.
Well this was not so 11 years ago.
He said, "It is going to be funny when I die. The guys I used to work with 11 years ago are going to meet the men I work with today. They will say, I used to work with Jerry and he was one of the laziest, foulest guys at work and one of the men he works with today will say, he was one of the hardest working, decent guys we know."
This is just one of the ways Jesus Christ has worked in my husband's life.
My life has been radically transformed, too.
I will not discuss the details of my previous ways of living... just to say...they were unrighteous and an offence to God.
But God...
He gives me hope for the future and peace that literally passes all understanding. I've been through many hardships and trials... All three of my children had neurological disorders at a very young age, I've been through a difficult marriage and divorce and my own physical illnesses and failures. But God.
His death paid the cost of my sinful lifestyle against a Holy God...and then He changed my life and I have Hope for all eternity and blessings in this life too...more than I can count.
Nothing in this life compares to the greatness of knowing the Lord!
I hope you know Him today...and that He calls you His own.

If you want to know what it means to accept Christ as your Savior, check out this site

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raw Taco's & Coconut Kefir Celery Juice

It's rainy here, so I've been in my kitchen this morning. My kefir water just keeps on producing abundantly. I am so happy with my kefir grains from Marilyn the kefir lady. It is easy to make and delicious.
While making my Green celery juice this a.m. I decided to add some kefir water to it. Shaazam! Delicious!

Celery Juice~
liquid stevia

Then I added my pre-made Coconut Kefir water

Prior to juicing I soaked all my nuts and seeds to make Veggie Taco's

Taco Meat (original recipe idea from "How we all went Raw"~

3 c. soaked walnut , drained
1 1/2 T. cumin powder
1 1/2 T. coriander powder
3 T. Bragg's Liquid Amino's
1 T. dried cilantro (you can use fresh)

In food processor blend for about 15's ready when it looks like ground beef

Mock Sour Cream~this idea came from different recipes I found on the internet and I made my own version

1 1/2 c. Cashews soaked for 30 mins
1/2 c. water to thin..more if needed
3 T. lemon juice
1.2 t. salt
1 garlic clove
1T. dried basil
1T. dried dill

blend until creamy. store in a sealed container

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, chia seeds, cacao nibs, 1t. instant organic coffee, mesquite

fresh pineapple and strawberries

16oz. coconut kefir/celery juice blend

Raw Tacos~
Romaine lettuce leaf as the shell, taco meat, Macho Nacho Sauce, diced tomatoes...yum, yum, yummy

Cheesecake pudding leftover from yesterday

Friday, April 2, 2010

Raw Cheesecake..and victory for my Husband! 31 lbs. weight loss!

Today was my husband's weigh in at work. He weighed in at 199 lbs. for a total loss of 31 lbs. He achieved this by eating a High Raw Vegan Diet.(with just a couple of incidents of seafood and chicken at our daughter's wwedding reception) I have chonicled some of his eating choices in earlier post. He began his journey back in mid-January. He feels so much better and is committed to this way of eating. He may not stay 100% Vegan...but pretty close.
So for this victory of staying with it I wanted to surprise him with a raw version of one of his favorite desserts.

So here is where I landed~

Just Like Cheesecake
By Emily Lee Angell ("The Complete Book of Raw Food")

Makes: 24 slivers

For the Crust:
2 cups raw macadamia nuts
1/2 cup dates, pitted (medjools)
1/4 cup dried coconut

For the Cheese:
3 cups chopped cashews, soaked for at least 1 hour
3/4 cup lemon juice
3/4 cup honey
3/4 cup coconut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon celtic sea salt (optional)

For the Raspberry Sauce:
1 bag frozen raspberries (or use whatever berries you prefer)
1/2 cup dates

To make the crust, process the macadamia nuts and dates in the food processor. Sprinkle dried coconut onto the bottom of an 8 or 9 inch spring form pan. Press crust onto the coconut. This will prevent it from sticking.

To make the cheese, blend the cashews, lemon, honey, gently warmed coconut oil (do not use microwave), vanilla, sea salt (if using), and 1/2 cup water. Blend until smooth and adjust to taste.

Pour the mixture onto the crust. Remove air bubbles by tapping the pan on a table.

Place in the freezer until firm. Remove the whole cake from the pan while frozen and place on a serving platter. Defrost in the refrigerator.

Serve with Raspberry Sauce.

This book is worth the price!! So many wonderful recipes! over 400 recipes and 486 pages. This is one of my favorite recipe books.

Check out Sunny's Raw Kitchen for pictures and tips on preparing this treat! This recipe is from Sunny's site.

I modified mine a bit..
I used raw almonds in the crust
and a little less coconut..just because I didn't have it available.

I used the leftover cheesecake filling to make
Cheesecake Pudding for my children and me. I also made one extra so I can enjoy it with my husband as he celebrates his weight loss and his committment to his new lifestyle of eating a High Raw Diet

I placed the filling in Sundae dishes and topped it with Cacao sauce~
cacao, agave, maple syrup, vanilla & water to thin

a.m. smoothie~raw cacao almond milk, banana, chia, cacao nibs, organic decaf coffee

pineapple and kiwi

Blended salad~romaine, celery, tomato, tahini, Bragg's liquid Aminos, Lemon, shredded dulse

after my 40 workout with Tony Horton I drank a 16oz glass of

master cleanse lemonade~instant stuff I had on hand

Cheesecake Pudding~above

Good Friday!

Today many people around the world observe "Good Friday". Good Friday is the Friday prior to Christ's crucifixion. It is a day that Christians remember the sacrifice that was made for our sins. This is not just a once a year rememberance. It should be forefront in our minds and should help to govern our lives. Follow this link, "What is Good Friday" to learn more about this day and who Jesus Christ is.
Here is a song about my Jesus~
I hope you know Him~

It doesn't end here~He rose from the grave to give us eternal abundantly~peace with God...Hope for the future.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Visit to "Goodwill" and a 80 degree Day!!

Have you ever tried speed walking and trying to keep up with a thirteen year old on rollerblades??? :) What a great workout! Whew!
My daughter and I did this for an hour at our local park. We are having a beautiful day. It is 80 degrees and sunny. Prior to our walk we worked together cleaning a house for 4 fours. So, we are feeling pretty good about our physical activity level today. Tonight we will probably chill out and finish watching "Hello Dolly".

Oh yeah, we did go to Goodwill, and I found a Danskin workout top, brand new with the tags still on it for $3, oh yeah! Click on the link above to find one near you.

today's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk/choc.milk blend...cacao & date, banana, chia seeds, cacao nibs,
16 oz green juice
4 kiwis
bowl of pineapple

veggie sub~loaded with veggies (whole grain bread-not my usual I took extra enzymes)

1/2 of an apple

Smoothie~same as above


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