Friday, March 12, 2010

Kaboom! Always Be Prepared!~My husband is down to 198lbs.!!!

For my friends with IBS/colitis/crohns or gastro-intestinal issues. You know that it is a slow fade when you give yourself away. You feel great for a long time and the pain that you have previously experienced fades a bit from your memory. Then you think, I will just have a bit of the evil, because a bit does not fully pull the trigger and cause an explosion of pain...but...then bit by bit you get the gun cocked and you eat that one final evil bit fires on you.
I have had a lifestyle shift here recently...I began working outside the home after 20 yrs. absence. I love it..but...I have not been fully prepared when I leave my home. After hard physical labor for 5-7 hrs I get hungry and my green juice has not been enough, so I have stopped at Panera's for a salad with whole grain baguette...probably on three different occasions. Then there are those greasy jalapeno Kettle chips my son's loves..I cannot have these things in my house...they don't like me.
The gun fired yesterday....I felt it coming...ouch!!! I say to myself...I eat a good clean and raw diet 96-98% of the time, this shouldn't be happening...well. This is who I am.
I said all of that, to say this. Be like a Boy Scout...always be prepared!!!
Unless you have been successful for many years, don't bring things into your home that will tempt you. Also, when you are leaving the house, take your food with you or plan ahead ~where you will go and what you will eat if you must go out to eat. This way you can set your mind and be determined to succeed. Then just do it! Do not vear from your plans. This has been a clear reminder to me that I do best on the highest raw diet possible. So from now on I will be preparing my blended salad's the night before I have to work and take them with me...and my son will have to eat jalapeno Kale chips...I just have to find time to make them...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Today's tummie tamer's~
16 oz My Green Beauty Juice~made with celery, cucumber, lemon and cayenne pepper

3 c. smoothie~raw almond milk, 2 scoops of Amazing Superfood~chocolate, chia seeds, hemp seeds

3 c. Blended Soup~1 c. celery, 3 roma tomatoes, 1 c. cucumber, cilantro, 2 sprigs of dandelion, 1 heaping T. tahini, splash each of Braggs liquid Aminos and lime juice~blend until smooth...add more water to thinness desired..sometimes top mine with chopped tomatoes/cukes..but today I drank mine on the run

3 c. smoothie~raw almond milk, 2 scoops of Amazing Superfood~chocolate, 1t. each of maca, lucuma, mesquite, 1T. raw cacao nibs, chia seeds, hemp seeds, a handful of frozen dark sweet cherries, 1/2 frozen banana, ice

romaine lettuce and tomato roll ups

1.25 hrs. of roller skating with my daughter! I love to roller skate!
I'll do my bootcamp workout after I get off of here.
Remember to get your move on!!

My husband is succeeding! He is down to 198!!! He has had a bit of emotional eating here and there.... it was nothing that got out of control.
He has had a lack of work which has created a bit of stress for him...But God has shown himself faithful and worthy of our TRUST again and my husband will be joining the normal people with a weekday job and daytime hours!! Praise the Lord!!! We have not had this kind of schedule for the past 8 years of our 10 1/2 yr. marriage. Life is always changing. More lifestyle adjustments ahead....I am looking forward to them.
Back to my hubby~His diet is basically unchanged. High Raw and Vegan. I am trying to get more veggies into his diet, but he prefers the fruit. He is continuing to slim down, but the workouts are still difficult for him to work into his schedule. The great thing about his new job is that he will be unloading items off of a truck and loading and organizing them after he will be getting physical exercise. So even if he is pooped when he gets home he will have already got some kind of workout in.

This week he will be drinking Dandelion Smoothies~
water, banana, strawberries and dandelion...he likes them!
and he packed 5 or 6 of them in his lunch today along with 2 cantloupes and
celery.... that will be his days eats. He is hoping to knock off about 8 more pounds before the first of April.
I'll keep you posted!

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