Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Year....New Life

January 16, 2016

I am doing my spring cleaning a little early this year. The cleaning I am working on is my diet.  I have been in this process for a few months now. 

I have been gradually coming out of a black hole that I got sucked into many years ago. 
There is a lot of chaos inside a black hole.  It's a place of nightmares.  
Now I am on the other side heading towards life
...after you get out you go through a process of looking back and figuring out what happened. Then you stay paralyzed for a time because you now understand what was really going on. Your reality is shattered and.... your still breathing.... and your not sure if it is your last breath because your life has literally been sucked right out of you during this insidious process by someone you loved.

This is my picture of severe trauma. Your picture may have a different story line or Lord willing you have not experienced trauma like this.  
For me, my health deteriorated over the course of years
 and then afterwards I lacked the ability to care for myself properly and I really didn't care anymore.  I did not  care for myself by doing the things that I knew would lead to good health and sustain it.  I was stuck.

Now,  I find myself in a place where I am moving forward on my path . A path that leads to life....spiritually, mentally and physically. 
First....Seeking the Omnipotent God who made us and who cares. 
Looking to scripture which builds up the mind and gives light in the dark places.  

Ultimately He gives life and health to the body,  but he gives us a free will to choose.   I believe that much of our physical health lies in the choices we make....
  Such as what we eat and drink, how and if we exercise, getting sunshine, who we surround ourselves with (positive or negative), etc.
Of course there are genetics, birth defects, particular illnesses and accidents that contribute to our health, but for most of us, I believe for the it lies with our choices.
  I am choosing to make positive choices as I move forward in my healing. Choices that will keep me close to God and  choices that move my body towards wellness.
When I started this blog my intention was to track what I was eating, so that I would have a record to examine when my symptoms would flare up.  I avoided those things that caused harm to my body.  This was very successful and my health improved as I discovered what those offenders were.  I began tagging all of my recipes so that I could refer back to them.  I added other helpful info on here that helped me along my journey.  I posted about the Community Supported Agriculture group that I was a part of for several years.  Then I shared about helping a farmer get a CSA started in my community and hosted it at my home.  I shared recipes using the veggies we received in our baskets hoping to get you excited about supporting your local farmers.

Then I checked out..... and I have been on a journey of sorts...
 leading me to a journey of discovery

Today, I am going to begin a new journey on this blog.  A journey back to wellness.  This is mostly for me, but if it helps or encourages one person, then that is my hope. Therefore I am leaving this blog public.   I will be re-posting some of my recipes and hopefully I will be adding some new ones.   
I am also endeavoring to resume consistency with my physical exercise.  Because of the state of my health over the last few years and recurring injuries I have not been able to stay consistent.  So, here's to consistency and no injuries! Praying for God's favor.
I have placed my rebounder in the living room, so it is ready for action.  I like to keep it on the floor and in my path so that I have to walk on it, to get over it.  When I make a pass I do a some jumping to give my lymphatic system a good shakedown.
A couple days ago I did a workout that left me quite sore, so today I did some extra stretching along with Yoga and Pilates.  Oh, how I love yoga.  I don't know why I am so amazed at how wonderful I feel afterward.  Maybe someday I will get back to teaching, but for now I am the student.

Today I did my prep work for this week. 
Here is a list of things I made today.

Cleaned and cut fresh veggies: diakon radish, cucumber, carrots, peppers

French Lentil and Black Rice Casserole

A large amount of quinoa, I divided it in half.  Half of it I left plain to create meals this week, for the other half I sauteed mushrooms, carrots, red bell pepper, kale, broccoli, garlic and onion in little olive oil then added it to the other half of the quinoa...added salt, pepper, Hungarian paprika, a dash of cayenne pepper and a splash of lemon juice.

Beet Salad 
(recipe on sidebar)

Pea Salad with celery, red onion, Balsamic Vinegar, EVOO and Walnuts

Brown Rice

Boiled Eggs

Tonight's dinner was Scrambled Tofu and Roasted Potatoes. 

I made the scrambled tofu with spinach and red pepper and lots of spices and roasted cubed red and sweet potatoes, seasoned with garlic, paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne.  There are some leftovers from this meal that I may add to my lentil rice Budda bowls this week. :)

Breakfast tomorrow will be a Low Glycemic Chocolate Chip Mint Avocado Smoothie 

 Lunch.. I plan to have my Favorite Blended Soup (recipes below) with 
  some crackers that I  made with almond pulp leftover from making almond milk.  
If I feel like I need the extra protein I will have a boiled egg with my soup.

To make the Almond pulp crackers I blended a zucchini, red bell pepper, carrots, salt, pepper and a little water until smooth.  Then I mixed it together with diced sweet red onion, ground sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.  I spread it on dehydrator sheets and scored it like crackers and dried it until I was able to peel it off the teflex sheet and turn it over and then dried it until crispy.  
 I do not measure when making crackers...sorry.  I follow my intuition from many years of watching my grandma cook and bake without measuring or using a cookbook.

Dinner will be French Lentils and black rice casserole (recipe link on sidebar labeled Lentil rice casserole) over fresh baby kale, chard and spinach and topped with avocado.  Maybe a salad or some roasted baby Brussels sprouts. 

Snacks for tomorrow, if needed are: 
diakon radish, carrots, cucumber, baby heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives (veggies tray is already made), choice of raw nuts: Brazil, walnut or almonds. 
If I feel the need for something sweet, I may have a date and stuff it with a pecan or walnut.  God's candy...that's what I call it.  It's the best candy bar ever!

May you be blessed with good health and a happy heart!

Chocolate Chip Mint Avocado Smoothie
low glycemic

In blender:

2 c. homemade almond milk
2-3 c. raw  spinach
1-2 T. raw cacao powder
3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil
2-3 brazil nuts or some walnuts or 1/2 scoop of Vega Protein powder

blend and then add:

1/2 frozen avocado cut into chunks

blend again and then add:

1 c. frozen blueberries
2 T. raw cacao nibs
stevia to taste

blend to a creamy consistency and enjoy!!!

My favorite Blended Salad/Soup

super greens blend 
(kale, chard, spinach)
Serrano pepper
lime juice
topped with dulse flakes
Optional: top with diced avocado

add just enough water to make a soup consistency to your liking
I like mine with a bit of texture, so I leave it with small pieces to chew on but with a soup like consistency
vary the ingredient amounts according to your taste and use what you have on hand
blend and enjoy!


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