Friday, June 4, 2010

Life.....Create the Good......60 days to juice up your life

Hi everyone out there in blog land! It was nice to take a break from blogging, but I have much on my mind I'd like to share....I'd just like to put down in writing for myself and hope that in some way it can bless, encourage or help someone out there not to feel alone in this journey we call life.
The reason for my absence was because I was making a road trip to Tennesse to be with my newly married daughter. In the last month her grandfather has passed away...then she got a call from her husband, who is in the Army Reserve that he was notified and to be shipped out two days later for a three week trip overseas and then after he gets back for a short visit he will be deployed for a little over a year. I had hoped to be a comfort to my daughter as all of this came suddenly. We had a good visit together. I went alone, so we were able to spend time without my usual distractions of a mom and wife I always have this guilty feeling that I don't spend enough indivdual time with my I was grateful to be alone with her.
Two days after returning home, my daughter was in a car accident, where a man ran a red light (admitting he was not paying attention) and t-boned her
car, bending the frame and both passenger doors are inside the vehicle. It is a miracle of God's protection over her life...and I am thankful for His watch care.
Remember to pray for your children. Life is fleeting. Take time to pay attention to the moment.

Today was the first day of the Women's Walking Group that I am hoping to establish in our community. We walked for a little over an hour, after warming up and stretching and finally ending with stretches. I love walking in our community..lots of trees, wildlife and the sounds that go with it, and the fresh air... away from the city....mmmmmmmmmm
I encourage you to start something...
click here for a flyer about starting a walking group in your area
50Plus Fitness Walking
you'll find good info here for stretching and walking for ages 50 and up

I encourage you to start something...
No matter what age you are you can do something....
Create the Good has a site that has toolkits for starting a walking group among many other things you can do in your community from starting a community garden, helping others go green, organizing roadway cleanups and informing others of emergency preparedness...check out their site and see if there is something you can do to help others

Here is a link to the, "Helping A Military Family" toolkit...don't forget those families that are sacrificing and serving our country.

For those of you that need some support in changing your diet/lifestyle to a more healthy way of living...check out Halleujah Acres free program, "60 days to juice up your life"..they have two programs for weight loss and the other to reclaim your health..

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  1. How wonderful that you were able to spend some quality time with your daughter! We SO appreciate her husbands service!!

    Thanks for all of the great links. I'm off to check them out! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend :D




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