Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Today, my hubster and I are hanging around the house...relaxing a bit, cleaning our fishing boat and working is a hot one here in Indy.
Our pontoon is in the shop but we are hoping to have it back soon. Out here where we live, they have a nice fireworks show over the lake..all the boat people gather on the lake to watch it. It is a lot of fun, so we are looking forward to getting our boat back so we can attend this event and make some memories for our kiddo's.
Yesterday, was a busy day...Babysitter safety training for my daughter, dinner with my dad & step mom for Father's Day and then off to hear the Big Band sounds with a vocalist that sounds like Frank Sinatra. The concert was at one of our local parks that sports an amphitheatre where they hold several summer concerts. For several years we have been taking our kids to hear the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra there. We look forward to it each year....another one of those memories our children will keep for a life time. I encourage you to create memories for you and your family, or significant loved ones.
I hold many fond memories of my childhood. We used to have Sunday dinner's at my grandma's...the adults would play cards after dinner and the cousins watched or played together...several times as I was growing up my dad would take us to Florida with my grandparents...... on Friday nights we would almost always go out to eat...."Mug and Bun", was a favorite....not the healthiest place....and I still long for it and every great once in a while, it has been a cheat meal...we had fun together on those Friday nights and we always looked forward to it and we still talk about it...we played board games, card games and went on hikes, and many other things...remember to spend quality time with those you love...if we are blessed, most of us will keep memories for a lifetime...fill them up...make them count for good..and
for other's good. It is easy to do something for ourselves, but sometimes it takes sacrifice to do for others...Remember to serve one another in LOVE...Love conquers all.....


Today's eats~
a.m. smoothie

Strawberry lemonade~strawberries, lemon, water and stevia

Nancy's cultured/organic plain yogurt*** with honey sweetened granola and chopped banana
(if you need/want to get some dairy probiotics in you..check out Nancy's)

Large salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, Daiya vegan shredded cheese and 1 t. of Annie's Goddess dressing

plate with celery, chopped tomatoes and beet salad with a drizzle of Annie's Goddess dressing...bottom of the bottle
8-10 Mary's Gone Cracker's original

1/2 of a brown rice cake with organic no salt peanut butter

smoothie~raw almond milk, frozen banana, cacao powder, cacao nibs, 1 t. mesquite

For my husband's lunch I usually make a couple of sandwiches on sesame Ezekiel Bread...he has informed me he doesn't like the top of the bread, saying it is too hard. I decided to cut if off tonight while making it...I just could not throw it away. It is excellent sprouted bread and it is not I toasted it and dabbed a bit of Earthbalance soy free spread on it sprinkled it with cinnamon & powdered stevia. I would say if I put it all together it was equilvalent to 1/4 of a piece of bread, maybe less. It was pretty good... while making it a thought came to me...I could make croutons out of it for my husband's salad's....he loves croutons! Let nothing go to waste...

**As of late I have added a few food items into my diet for various reasons...raw milk cheese, Ezekiel bread and now I am trying a little yogurt. At this time, I am test driving (as my husband would say) these item to see what effects they have on my digestion and my body composition. As soon as our local community hospital offers another free health screening I plan to check my cholesterol to see what effects the dairy products are having.

P90X Legs and Back and AB ripper X, 30 mins run/walk on treadmill
BTW~my body composition has changed so much that my husband commented on my legs today.. me happy!

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