Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday~Running Shoes

Monday's are the beginning of the work week for many of us. I am one of those people. I worked alone today, therfore I got an intense workout while cleaning house. As I have said before, I make the most of it, and it usually wears me a good I have decided to adjust my workout schedule and make Monday's my rest day.
I went for four solid hours of scrubbing, dusting, sweeping (some of this I do on my knees and crawl around)then there are are the three staircase steps I craw up to sweep, and then the mopping. I do like my job...I burn a lot of calories, and it makes me very with that I'll tell you what I ate today~

a.m. superfood smoothie

Green Juice~celery, swiss chard, lemon, ginger and stevia
1 c. blueberries

2 slices of Ezekiel bread (sesame) mustard and raw milk cheese
1 yellow bell pepper sliced up
1 c. of cherry tomatoes

Sundried tomato Pasta
Kale and Swiss Chard Salad
baby carrots dipped in hummus
Strawberry Lemonade Julius~stawberries, lemon juice, water, stevia, ice

Mary's Gone Crackers and raw milk cheese

Today I ordered a new pair of running shoes and while gathering information about the type of shoe I need I ran across this article "How to Buy Top Brand Running Shoes For Girls
This link also provides other useful links about running.
BTW~I chose the ASIC's Gel-Nimbus 11's...I'll let you know how I like them.
I underpronate, which means I walk on the outsides of my feet and I also have a high arch and these were one of their recommendations.
This article will tell you how to determine what type of feet you have.

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