Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wild Cow Vegetarian In Nashville, TN

I totally forgot to mention that when I went to Nashville, TN to visit my daugther that we went to a great Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant called, The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant
Thinking about it now, makes me want to drive there now!
It was so delicious. Here is a link for their menu
They have raw lettuce wraps with walnut pesto and raw cookies...for those of you who only eat raw!!!
I had their "Mock Chicken Salad"...when ordering I assumed it was raw but if I remember correctly it was tempeh. It was a very generous salad, but when I saw the hummus on my daughter's plate, I had to get a side order for myself. It is a cucumber-dill hummus and it was delicious. It was not heavy like traditional hummus. They gave me so much I had to send it home with my daughter...she was happy!
The restaurant was clean, friendly and had so many options to choose from.
I also had GT's Kombucha tea with my meal...I was in heaven. I truly love it when you can find a place to eat that is sooo nutritious and delicious..oh yeah, and I could not believe the prices. It was extremely affordable. If you are ever in Nashville, Tennessee I highly recommend this restaurant.

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