Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CSA share & Monthly Co op order #1***...Quesadella's

CSA share~

1 bunch of beets with greens
1 large bunch of Swiss Chard
large head of green cabbage
2 tomatoes
2 heads of garlic
2 cucumber
3 summer squash
2 yellow squash
bunch of carrots

Co op order~***

Eastwind no salt peanut butter~5# of smooth and 5# of chunky
1 case of Ezekiel sprouted 9" Tortillas
1 case of Annie's Goddess Dressing~for days I don't make my own dressing
15# of Organix puppy food~for the new dog that arrived at our door a couple weeks ago

Local bulk order from Indy Fruits
1 case of Heirloom navel oranges
1 case of grape tomatoes
5# of Jewel Yams

***I order from two different sources each month, therefore I have labeled this Co op order #1
#2 will not be taking orders for July, so I will only have 1 order until August and then be back to my usual bi-monthly ordering

On my previous co op order I purchase Daiya Cheeses!!! These cheeses are so good.
Last week I made Quesadella's for the first time in forever! The cheese melts perfectly and taste great. I used Ezekiel sprouted tortillas and filled them with just the Daiya Cheese the first night. The second night I made them I added some black bean and corn salsa to the cheese and then closed the quesadella maker. This was an awesome meal. I also served, shredded lettuce, fresh made quacamole, salsa and Sour Supreme~mock sour cream and Guiltless gourmet Baked Corn chips.... I could eat this every night!!
I also wanted to mention to anyone out there with IBS or digestive issues~that the Daiya Cheese has not troubled my IBS, in fact I found it to be very helpful...if you know what I mean.
Cow milk cheese can be constipating for people, as it is hard to digest...even if it is raw milk cheese. I found that Daiya cheese had a normalizing effect. I plan to make use of this cheese on a regular basis.
The ingredients for the mozzerella cheese are: Filtered water, tapioca and/or arrowroot flours, non-GMO expeller pressed canola and /or non-GMO expeller pressed safflower oil, coconut oil, pea protein, salt, vegan natural flavours, inactive yeast, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, citric acid (for flavor).
If you are not 100% raw and miss cheese...Try Daiya Cheese!!! Yummy!!!
If you co op you'll get the best price, but if not you can go to their site and find out where to buy it.
BTW~I receive nothing from promoting this...Daiya doesn't even know me...but I know them and I love their cheese!

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  1. Very cool! I want to order cases of stuff from a co-op but sadly all of the ones around here are overpriced so there is no benefit to bulk ordering. I remember my mom ordering cases and cases of food from a natural co-op when I was growing up. Of course there were 7 of us so we could blow through an order pretty quick : )

    I actually was just reading about the Daiya cheese in my local co-op magazine. The actual co-op is about 40 minutes away but I drive there every 2 weeks or so and shop. If I ever decide to do the vegan cooked thing, I'll check out the Daiya for sure!



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