Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warm Days of Sun and Boating

I've been absent for a few days to hang out on the boat with family and friends. We have a pontoon boat and live on a lake, if you do not already know it....soooo Lord willing our summer will be spent making memories out on the lake.
I am still power walking with my friend, doing P90X with Tony Horton and getting in some peak fitness workouts on my treadmill....eating healthy and enjoying the gifts of God...family, friends and life!!
I may be brief at times over the summer and just post new recipes, so as to not neglect the people I love.
Check out the article on Peak Fitness by Dr. Mercola and Kathy Smith, if you want to make changes in your body through exercise...it only takes 20 mins a day! My treadmill has a program that adhere's to what they are teaching, which I have been doing at least 2-3 times a week in addition to my other workouts. Right now I am a little extreme on my workouts...but you do not have to be to make positive changes in your health and body composition. My youngest daughter is doing the same program on the treadmill, she watches a DVD while doing it so the time will go quickly. I encourage you to find something to keep your children active. We need to be a positive example for our children and others in taking care of our bodies....not a religion...a lifestyle....a healthy lifestyle....
so we can feel good and take care of our responsibilites and enjoy the life we have been given. It is very difficult to do these things if we are sick and tired all the time. I can say this because..I used to be sick and tired all of the time and missed out on many things...but through a healthy diet and exercise...lifestyle changes....I am a different person than I used to be. I thank God for this!
Start small, make one positive change and when you conquer that one, add another...
take care of yourself....and pray for wisdom and help

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