Monday, June 7, 2010


Last week I was off from after working today... a high powered vigorous house cleaning job for 4.5 hrs., I was toast!...We also had very busy weekend at King's Island and two Birthday parties that we attended. All of this must have caught up with me and I had to take a nap. Long time since that has happened.
I ate some garlic hummus and my son made some veggie pasta and I had some of that, so I think I over carb-ed it (with not enough protein in my diet today) and this probably contributed to my sleepiness.
Tomorrow I'll have to be more consciencious of my eats and timing.

today's eats~
a.m. raw smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, fresh cherries, cacao nibs, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate, mesquite, lucuma, maca, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ice....yummy

1 qt of strawberries and blueberries

2 brown rice cakes with organic no salt peanut butter

handful of baby carrots
cherry tomatoes

garlic hummus and organic corn chips

veggie pasta (small bowl)
2 squares of graham crackers


  1. When you get a hankering to clean that much just come here : )

    Aren't strawberries and blueberries delicious right now?

  2. I've been over-buying them and stashing some in the freezer!! They are sooo good, we are eating them every day.
    I clean a 6000 sq ft house twice a is a good workout...I work up a good sweat and then after I drive home and get out of the car I am so stiff-legged..It's really funny.
    I'm one of those non stop, get -er done people.



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