Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spicy Cabbage Salad ~one of my Children's Favorites

Up with the dogs this morning. We have three of them. The oldest is a Lab and Rottweiler mix, #2 is a Black Lab Mix and #3 the puppy and our newest addition showed up on our porch a couple weeks ago is possibly some type of Akita mix. We are now in the puppy training mode...funny, it makes me think of child training days...consistency is key!

This morning I decided I better make use of all of the green cabbage we have so I made one of my children's favorite salads. I'll call it Spicy Cabbage Salad.


1/2 head of green cabbage sliced thinly in food processor~not shredded
place in large bowl and add:
3 avocados
1/3 c. of lemon juice
chopped jalapeno's to taste

mix with your hands and then add:
1/4 c. Veggie sesame seasoning salt

Veggie Sesame Seasoning Salt

1/4 c. ground golden flaxseeds
1/4 c. ground unhulled raw sesame seeds
1/4 C. slightly ground onion flakes
2 t. garlic powder
1/2 c. of Seitenbacher Veggie broth

Mix together and store in the fridge or freezer

Today my daughter's plate was filled with blueberries, a couple strawberries, sliced cucumbers, orange bell pepper strips, black olives, grape tomatoes, Annie's Goddess dressing for dipping, Spicy Cabbage Salad
and one slice of Sesame Ezekiel Bread lightly toasted with Earth Balance soy free buttery spread, powdered stevia and cinnamon.  I had a plate too!

X Stretch and walked one of the dogs today...

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