Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...checking out again...Happy New Year...Wedding Ahead

I'm going to be taking another break from blogging. Last night as I lay in bed unable to sleep...I realized I only have about 5 weeks to get ready for my daughter's wedding. At that point it came to me that I have much to do and I do not need to be hanging on the computer.
This is my first child to be married and she will be moving to another state afterwards. I thought that this was not going to be too tough. I have homeschooled her all of her life so we have been together more than most parents spend with their children. I ignorantly said to someone months ago that we've had so much time together that we were just moving from one season to another and it was time and I was ready.
We'll early this morning I had to pass thru her bedroom and many of her belongings have been moved down south....and with this glance REALITY hit me right in the HEART...and it tore something away and left it flapping in the wind...it was still connected to my heart...but it was the beginning of something that only a mother knows...of this I am sure. Perhaps... I think... in yet more of my ignorance....this will continue to tear away until she is moving on in her new life with her wonderful husband.
I know this is part of the life cycle...one that I have not experienced until now...it is okay...but painful none the less. I have been teary all day...I told my daughter that I hope to get this all out before her wedding day so that I will not have to be retrieved in a puddle of tears.

My daughter is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside and she was the first great joy of my life. She is one of whom I have said many times, that if she is your friend you are blessed indeed for her loyalty runs deep and her love is as deep as it is wide.
May the LORD GOD bless Emily and Barry richly with His presence in their lives and may they grow together in their knowing of Him.

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