Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Dinners for Christmas Celebration~

Well I am sitting here this morning getting ready for my mom's Christmas dinner with baked beans sitting on the stove waiting to be baked...and what do I hear...I just turned on my stove, sit down at the table to do some studying and things begin to sizzle....more sizzling...curious I get up to see if I left something in there..lo and behold, my bottom coil has just split more oven...YIKES!!
I am having my husband's parents over Thursday and mine the following day...for what you might ask...Christmas Dinner, of course, with all the SAD trimmings. This means I need my oven.
Today, I'm goona try to bake my beans from the bottom using the broiling burner at the top of the oven and placing my beans covered at the bottom of the stove. :)....maybe I'll try to remove the top coil and place it at the bottom when things cool off. I don't use the boiler much anyway.
This is the first year since we bought this oven that I didn't renew my extended warranty..Funny!
This does not affect my diet, but it will the rest of the family.
I'll let you know how the coil exchange works out.

I have prepared my take alongs for the dinner, so here is what I will be eating today~
Kale & Sprout salad
Apple Salad
Almond Cheese & raw crackers
maybe an Almond Butter cup

something weird just oven just pre-heated with a broken coil :) :) :) Ya! The beans will get done! Praise the LORD!

Back to my menu today~
I have a couple Superfood Smoothies (16oz. ea) in the fridge I'll pack along too!

The menu my mom has planned goes like this:
Spiral sliced Honey Ham
sweet potatoes
augratin potatoes
baked beans
mac & cheese
potato salad
a couple of pies
peanut butter fudge
Oh yeah and CORN~yet another starch! wonder so many people are diabetic...this is the SAD (standard American diet). Many people have trained themselves to eat this way. This is done out of tradition and ignorance...and I say this humbly....I think most people just do not understand or think this through to the tenth my husband says. Remember to be an example of healthy eating and let your energy and vibrance shine through...don't be a hammer, pounding your way into others. This will lead to rejection and misunderstanding by those you want to help. I once heard someone say, "More is caught, than taught."
Wait for others to ask you for information or help. This is when they will begin to receive.

One more thought I have today as I prepare to be with my extended family.
What is the Christmas season all about??? or should I say "WHO"...does HE get lost in the activities during this season? for many, I think yes...
Jesus is what this time is about, should be all about...may we focus more on HIM, than on the food, shopping, parties, etc. Filter all things through HIM and with HIM....Remember HIM...point your children to HIM, remind them often about HIM, why HE came to the earth...please don't just wait for a Holiday to do it daily. He is our life and He wants to give us life, life more abundantly. Without Him we are not really living. I beg you, invite Him into your life today.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him ye heavenly host, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Amen!

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