Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Discover Kingdom Health, Transitioning from Juicing/Smoothies back to Raw Foods & Rejuvelac

For the last two days I've been listening to a telecast on the net called Discover Kingdom Health. They are interviewing raw food and health advocates. The seminar last for 7 days. Last night was an interview with Penni Shelton of Real Food Tulsa, Raw Food Rehab and author of two books. Penni was healed from IBS through a raw food diet(and of course the power that comes from God) and it was encouraging to hear her testimony. One theme has ran through my mind after listening for the last two days.."We are not looking for perfection..but moving forward, improvement...and with this comes FREEDOM"
With that thought in mind, I say, life is tough enough without adding additional burdens or bondages or the attitude of perfection which only brings pride.
The Host is Ginny Edwards a Biblical Health and Life Coach. Scheduled are Paul Nison, Doug and Marilyn Polk and a few others. You can still sign up to listen for free, each telecast is available for 24hrs. Follow this link:

Today I am working on transitioning back to my normal raw food diet.

I began my day with my old faithful Rawpuchinno followed by some
beet/green juice with rejuvelac added for probiotics.

Lunch~ green soup~red leaf lettuce/1 whole english cucumber peeled/ 1/4 bunch ofcilantro/2 large stalks of celery/2 T. avocado/lime juice
and some
raw seed crackers I made with the leftover pulp from all of my juicing. They turned out very thin and light!
This is what I remember putting into the mix-I added sesame seeds, sunflower, soaked flax seeds and mexican seasoning/cumin dried onion...I think that is all...I used the pulp from the carrot juice and from my Virgin they are tomato-y (spread thinly on teflex sheets, score and dry until crispy at about 105 degrees)

snack~3 seed crackers(these are cut into the shape of cheese it's, so they are pretty small)with a bit of Macho Nacho Cheese on them (see side bar for recipe link)
3 seed crackers with 2 T. of mixed mushrooms(oyster/shitake)
Rejulevlac lemonade
spirulina tablets, B-12 and D

Salad~ Red leaf lettuce/red onion/celery/kalamata olives/artichoke/garlic/oregano/basil/olive oil/lemon juice/dulse flakes
the only non raw items are the olives and artichoke
small handful of my raw crackers with 1/2 T. of macho nacho cheese

raw honey
1 c. water

1/2 banana sliced with chocolate syrup drizzled over them and topped with a raw pecan

Chocolate Syrup
local pure maple syrup (made by the farmer I buy my CSA from)

Rejulvelac lemonade
lemon juice
liquid stevia

To make your own Rejuvelac I followed Ann Wigmore's recipe in her book titled "The Wheatgrass Book"

supplies needed:
1 quart ball jar
spouting lid or cheesecloth
1 C. of whole organic wheatberries (cover with water to rinse and if any float to the top discard them)~only use filtered water (R/O, distilled,etc.)

Cover the wheatberries with water and put the lid on it or cheesecloth with a rubber band. Let this sit in a dark place approx 70 degrees for 48 hrs. Strain off the liquid~this is the first batch of rejuvelac. Fill jar again and let it sit for 24 hrs. Strain for your second batch. Fill jar once more and let sit for 24 hrs. this is your third and last batch of rejuvelac. Discard seeds or feed to the birds.
*you may make your rejuvelac this way or you may sprout your seeds first and then make one batch from the spoouted seeds.

***1. It is possible for Rejuvelac to go bad (as it is for sprouts and probably any fermented culture). You can generally tell if the rejuvelac is okay by the smell and taste. It should be acidic with a pH less than pH 3.9. It is good practice to observe, smell and taste the rejuvelac periodically to become accustomed to the changes that occur (as it is for any fermented culture). Rejuvelac should keep in the fridge for a week or more, and will gradually sweeten with time.

2. All bacteria and yeasts have an optimum incubation temperature. Refrigeration will inhibit the growth of some organisms but may give an opportunity for others to flourish. Hot weather or high temperatures, may encourage the rapid growth of pathogenic organisms before the beneficial organisms get started, in which case the culture will smell putrid. If your Rejuvelac culture goes off then discard it, sterilize the jar and wait for cooler weather. In hot weather, it is feasible that a slight acidulation of the water with a little lemon juice at the start of the fermentation, may provide an environment less suited to pathogenic organisms.

Physically~I've been walking, practicing Yoga,Pilates and jumping on my rebounder..occassionally picking up my hand weights, trying to remember to breath deeply and use good posture

if you want to know about the last thing I mentioned...check out the book by Brother Lawrence~Practicing the Presence of God...

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