Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day on the Run, Planning Ahead and Cashew Frosting Recipe for Carrot Cake

I was running errands all day today so I just packed the juice, fruit, smoothie and raw cookies.
Remember, when you leave your house to be prepared. Liquids, fruits, veggies and some nuts and/or seeds are good items to take with you. Then you are not tempted to go off your eating plan.
I must always plan ahead to avoid creating situations that cause myself painful consequences.

2 Quarts of Juice
Carrot blend and Spinach/celery blend I made yesterday.


1 pint of Green Smoothie

1 c. cherry and grape tomatoes

Blended Salad and a few raw crackers
cherry/grape tomatoes
1/4 avocado

My kid's were eating the rest of the Cashew Cheesecake so I ate an exremely small sliver...just had to have a taste.

Today I ate several carrot cake cookies I made yesterday.
They turned out extra yummy! When I got home today I drained my cashews and made the frosting. Yesterday, I made a few cookie shapes with a raw pecan on them and 3 dehydrator trays of squares. ( Recipe is on yesterday's post). I broke some of them apart and put the frosting in the middle like a sandwich cookie. These are delicious and no gastrointestinal discomfort. I am thrilled!!!
Remember when you eat dehydrated foods you need to drink extra water. Dehydrating takes the water out, so we must drink enough so that the food doesn't rob our body of it's fluids and also to move 'em out comfortably.

taken from "The Complete Book of Raw Food"~Lori Baird Editor and Julie Rodwell, contributing Editor; Page 316 by Julie Rodwell
2 c. cashews, soaked for up to 1 hr.
2 lemons, juiced
8 to 12 T. raw honey
2 t. almond extract
Blend in a food processor until very smooth.

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