Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reminisece of childhood and thoughts about Temptation and Deliverance

Tuesday's are a big day for me. I have BSF class in the morning and then I usually run errands all afternoon. I live out in a rural area and my class is in town so I like to take care of business while I'm there.
I always pack my to-go bag with smoothies, juice and fruit and veggies.
Remember to always be prepared when you go avoids eating something you shouldn't and it saves time and $$$!

Today was a special day. Two of my most favorite people had their birthday so we went to Olive Garden to celebrate. There was a lot of happy chatter and eating. It was reminiscent of my childhood days of being at my grandparents for Sunday dinners. Those were some of my most happy childhood memories. The meal itself was nothing like what my grandma prepared but the mood overpowered what was on our plates. We had a very happy time together.
I think I ate a whole bowl of their salad and when I got out to my car I had a banana. I chose not to eat anything else but salad today. I really prefer not having intestinal pains. Pain can be a great motivator.
Sometimes Pain is what it takes for us to be inclined to take care of ourselves.
I get a lot of opposition from the people I love in regards to the way I choose to eat. My loved ones will tell me that I need to eat REAL food, food that will stick to my ribs....pork fritters, bread, meat, heavy cooked know what most people are eating. Well, I used to do this and it caused me distress and Pain, with a capital P-A-I-N!! I have found that most people do not understand. They are so used to taking pills to alleviate their discomfort that they just don't understand that pain and discomfort is not normal and it is not necessary when eating. I think that many people are conditioned to eat to gratify this craving for pleasure. I am not saying that pleasure is bad, just that we should eat to live and not live to eat. :) So if you have opposition from your loved ones, stay strong in your resolve knowing that others just do not understand and we are not all in the same place. Just be an example, a light and not a hammer.

Do you remember the first temptation in the Bible to disobey God was not only a desire to become wise but also one of eating, she saw that the fruit was good for food. When you come to think upon this, many of our sins are from our mouths. Many verses in the Bible are about the sins of the tongue. We misuse this instrument very much, I think. Also, when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus was hungry because he ate nothing during those days, so Satan tempted him to turn the stone to bread.
Curious, I think...the first sin of man in disobeying God was by eating the forbidden fruit and Jesus first temptation was to make himself something to eat...Praise be to God that Jesus overcame this and was victorious. He was victorious in all things, even Death...and he offers us this victory too. We can have victory in every area of our lives if we believe and trust in Him..we can have victory even over death...Wow...when we repent (which means to change our minds and turn in the other direction)..when we realize who we are in relationship to a Holy God...we are sinners...and we cannot save ourselves...knowing that this violation against this one and only Holy God, our creator...will end in eternal damnation, separation from Him other words..HELL...and THEN we turn to Him, trusting that He is who He says HE is and that He will do what He says HE will do and if we hold onto this...continue believing He will save us and deliver us from eternal damnation and INTO His marvelous light of eternal hope and victory over sin and death, He will save us and give us power to overcome death and give us victory in this life too!
I invite you to think upon this, to consider HIM today and allow HIS life to change yours today.

Here is what I ate today~
16 oz. of Green Juice blend
Superfood smoothie
kale and spinach
blackberries, dark sweet cherries, strawberries, goji berries, cranberries
Amazon Bliss (coconut butter with superfoods, available from RawFood World~link on sidebar or below post)


Peanut Butter Smoothie

kale chips and celery

carrot cake cookies and macadamia icing

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