Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today was another day at home until this evening. I was able to work around the house and be with my favorite people in the world.
I did my KenpoX...I really like this workout. Then off to pick up my CSA and from there to a dinner party at Chipotle. Last month I dropped my business card in their bowl for a drawing and won free meals for a party of 22!!!
Entree, chips, salsa, guac and fountain drinks for everyone!! I love Chipotle! They have some of the best and freshest is made fresh everyday and has no added junk. I always get a veggie salad with lots of pico and guacamole, occassionaly I will have them put a couple tablespoons of black beans if I am feeling really today :)
Other than my veggie salad..I ate the same things I did yesterday...
a.m. smoothie
green juice
wheatgrass shot
barley grass shot

broccoli sprout salad
layered pea salad
beet & kale salad

after my workout
superfood Amazing Grass smoothie~chocolate of course

1 brown rice cake with almond butter

Chipotle veggie salad~romaine, green peppers & onions, corn salsa, lots of pico and some guac..2 T. black beans and some chips

Today with our CSA order we got some raw milk cheddar I sampled a bit of it with some sliced radishes..


  1. Yum, that Chipotle salad sounds delish! I'll have to remember that the next time I'm out.

    I really need to join our CSA. It's fairly close and I keep procrastinating about it.

    That raw cheese sounds great too. Is it softer than normal cheddar?

    Take care Kathy,


  2. Hello, my faithful reader friend! We have been supporting our CSA for about 5 or 6 years and it is worth it. Our basket was filled with loads of greens~mustard, kale, salad mix, asparagus, green onions, bibb lettuce, strawberries and a variety of herbs and radishes...I am dehydrating the radish and strawberry tops to add to my green smoothies...don't waste a thing..especially if it is green.
    The raw milk cheeses are softer and uncolored and they digest more easily. I am going to add the cheese back into my diet this month as a protein for one of my snacks with tons of veggies and see if it makes a difference in my muscle growth..
    I recently learned that one of our Amish friends'(our farmer) favorites.. is a raw milk cheese and radish sandwich...

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot, I also got a huge bunch of Swiss Chard (red)...I was looking at A Bitt of Raw and RawDawg Rory was making a Swiss Chard soup and it reminded me....guess what I'll be making tomorrow???



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