Saturday, May 22, 2010

SAT~UR~DAY!!!! Boating & Rory's Savory Swiss Chard Soup

Up an at 'em today. My husband has been cleaning out our outside storage room and is on his way to the dump! It is freeing to be rid of so much clutter.
I did my CardioX this morning. I really like beginning my day with exercise. I am going to have to figure out how I can accomplish this...mmmm....maybe go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier?
I had my a.m. smoothie before my workout and it was perfect...
then for recovery I drank my Green juice and followed it with a Wheatgrass and a Barley grass shot..
after that I made a green smoothie~butter leaf lettuce/spinach and strawberries with a couple packets of stevia.

For Lunch~
Kale and red cabbage salad
broccoli sprout salad
raw milk cheese & Mary's Gone Crackers

Amazing Grass Smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 banana, mesquite, maca, lucuma and chia seeds

I cleaned the other half of our pontoon boat that was waiting on me from last week.
We have a 26' boat with lots of vinyl the AGS was the sweet treat to get my husband and I going.

After about 3.5 hrs. of cleaning & making our loop around the lake.. I ate:
2 brown rice cakes with almond butter
yellow pepper strips and a mini cliff bar...not necessary but sweet (peanut butter)

2 hrs. later:
red pepper hummus and baked corn chips

I feel like I really pigged out today..there were a couple things I could hve done without....cheese & mini cliff bar... I am really used to quick exit food and I don't think these items exits as quickly as my usual fare.

With the Swiss Chard I received in my CSA share I had hoped to make RawDawg Rory's Savory Swiss Chard Soup but the sunshine and the boat were calling...maybe tomorrow...

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