Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday~ Co-op Pick up day..working out with P90X....Slim in 6 question

Today was one of my co-op pick up days. We are members of two different co-op's. They are separated by a two week period which works out great.
Today I received unsweetened coconut milk, 20# of organic oats, 25# of raw natural sesame seeds, a case of Ezekiel Bread (sesame), case of Veganrella Mozzarella Rice Cheese (Vegan), Guiltless Gourmet Baked Yellow Corn Chips and Newman's Organic Dog've gotta be kind to your dog...whenever I run out of his dog food, my dog will have major ear problems...therefore... he is an organic dog.
You know the ingredients in the regular dog food is amazes me that all the dogs aren't sick and don't have mad cow or mad dog disease.
Do your own research.

I also made a run to the local store and got some green peppers, strawberries and several containers of red pepper hummus. I really prefer to make my own hummus but it is great to be able to grab a container and some baby carrots when I am on the run.
It is best to be prepared...and when you are...It is cheaper and healthier, but if you aren't prepared..just stop at your local grocery store...most major grocers now have a natural health department and sometimes they are cheaper. Our local grocery store is Kroger and they continually over buy, so they always have excess items they mark down at a significant savings. It is usually less $$$ than I pay wholesale. :)

Today I started with my usual smoothie after drinking some water
a.m. smoothie
wheatgrass shot
barley grass shot
1 pint of green juice

1 c. of strawberries from our CSA

Packed in a cooler

2 brown rice cakes with organic raw almond butter
yellow and orange peppers
4 radishes from our CSA
raw milk cheese cubes

these items lasted from about two snack/meals

When I got home I had an Amazing Grass Superfood smoothie~ AGS~chocolate, cacao nibs, mesquite, lucuma,1/2 frozen banana, ice...oh yeah...raw almond milk

yesterday I made some Red Lentil Soup I changed it up a bit.
The first day it was the recipe below and then early this a.m. I added a can of great northern beans (drained)..this reminded me of Bean with Bacon soup...except no bacon...yah!

After my CORE SYNERGISTIC WORKOUT & recovery time I ate about 3/4 c. of the soup below with about 8 Baked Guiltless Gourmet Chips...not clean, but not terrible....I am trying to wean myself off of organic corn chips...I love them and I don't have time to make them raw.

I am into day 80 of working out consistently. I used the P90 for the first couple months and I started my third week with P90X today. It is a tough workout but I had imagined in my head that it would be worse than this. I am enjoying it!
Yesterday my daughter and I went to the Goodwill after we got off of work. I always like to check their video/VHS shelves. I found all 5 SLIM in 6 workout videos still in the plastic. Whoo Hoo! I don't know whether to sell them or save!
I will be adding them to my ever growing collection and check them out after I complete P90X. I am not sure how tough they are, especially in comparison to P90X. Any feedback would be appreciated.


10 c. water
2 c. red lentils rinsed and drained
1 onion diced
3 cloves of garlic
2 t. salt
1/4 c. Seitenbacher Veggie Broth powder
handful of kale
2.c. shredded carrots
1/2 diced red pepper
handful of whole wheat spirals
2 T. parsley

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