Monday, May 24, 2010


Monday's work day, everybody happy, well, I should you remember that song? We used to sing it in Girl Scouts. I am always singing some old song to my kids.

I worked alone today and got an excellent workout. It was humid, so I also had a sauna. hehehe!

I stopped by Kroger (our local grocer) to get some veggies and check out their manager's markdowns. I scored on 3 containers of broccoli sprouts @ 99 cents each, organic chocolate rice milk @ 99 cents for 32oz.. as a treat for the kids. I also purchased some peaches and a few avocado's. While checking the freezer section in the health department...what did I see??? So Delicious (Vegan & soy free) coconut milk ice cream bars covered in chocolate with bits of almonds, sweetened with agave....mmmmmmmmm.....sounded like a good cheat I got a box and sampled it on the way home in the steamy 80 something degree, muggy weather...WOWZIE!! these things are delicious..they are not raw..but they are good!!!...they are also, history..they come four to a box and there are four of us living at home...4-4=0
Click here to go to Turtle Mountain's page to tell you all about them.

I also buy their unsweetened coconut milk to make my husband's protein smoothies.
So, if you are not 100% this is a good milk substitute.
It is:
Dairy Free / Lactose Free
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids
Excellent Source of Vitamin B12 (vegetarian friendly)
Formulated for Maximum Calcium Absorption
Cholesterol Free
No Trans Fats
Certified Vegan

Today, I felt really good after work. I was still energetic and able to come home and do P90X~YogaX~ this is a good long 90 min or more practice. It WILL bring the sweat on.

Today's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, handful of frozen cherries, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs, mesquite, chia seeds, hemp seeds, lucuma, maca,ice~yummy!

1 pint of Green Lemonade~celery, swiss chard, lemon, ginger, stevia

I made a couple of meals out of this while working and for the ride home~
2 brown rice cakes with raw almond butter
raw milk cheese...this stuff tastes good on the rice cake w/almond butter
green pepper strips
4-5 black olives
baby carrots

cheater snack~
Coconut milk bar~mmmmmmmm

Before YogaX~I had 1 cup of asparagus soup~I made about 2 qts of this yesterday~
asparagus, water, seitenbacher veggie broth powder, mustard seed, squirt of dijon mustard,dash of Mrs. Dash, 1/2 sweet potato, green onion...warmed and needed a bit of lemon juice to set it off..but it is good a filling.

kale salad~shredded kale, green onion, lime juice, braggs, toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds.. and about 1 T. frozen peas...that was left in the bag :(
4 baked organic corn chips

Amazing Grass Smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 banana, frozen cherries, mesquite

coconut kefir water....I've got this down to a science is super fizzy..I had one explode when I opened it last night... :)
This is better than soda pop! and I really like adding my green juices to it, it is like a green ginger ale.

Peace....from the only one who gives True peace...
Jesus Christ

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  1. Wow Kathy, sounds like you had a great food day! I wish I had that much variety. Soon :D P90X will be coming my way in July. June is too busy to start a program. Oh well! Coconut kefir water? Sounds intriguing! You may have to e-mail me the technique!




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