Friday, April 16, 2010

Review on Ironman Inversion Table and the Benefits of Inversion Therapy

This is the table my husband and I recieved. He has lower back issues and has been using it consistently since March 21st. He claims that it is relieving the pain and discomfort in his lower back and his neck pain went away completely . He also finds it to be stress relieving. I also noted that my neck pain went away just after a few times of using it. I also have an ankle that goes out frequently and it helped to put it back in place this last time.
See you later~Mr. Chiropractor...I am not saying that we'll never go back, but I do think our visits will be fewer.
Now about the construction of this product.
First on putting it was relatively easy and quick...thanks to 18 yr old son did it in about 30-45mins. The mat you lie on is nice and firm. The cushions on the ankle pads are thick and secure. Overall, it appears to be very sturdy. We feel this table is worthy and reasonably priced. We are very happy with our purchase and at this time we would recommend it. There are more expensive tables, but for our family this one will get the job done and not rob the bank.
Follow this link for the Benefits of Inversion Therapy

This is a partial list of suggested benefits of Inversion Therapy

May Help to Relieve Many Forms of Back Pain
Helps Provide Care and Feeding for the Discs
Helps Improve Circulation and Accelerates the Cleansing of Blood and Lymph Fluids
May Help Increase Oxygen Flow to the Brain
Inversion Therapy May Help Reduce the Effects of Aging Caused by the Force of Gravity
Decongests Internal Organs:
Relieves Varicose Veins:
Enables the Body to Stretch and Re-Align
Strengthens Ligaments

~~~~~~~~~Yoga Inversion poses provide many benefits also, so if you
cannot purchase a table practice Yoga~~~~~~~~~~

Gives the heart a break.
Stimulates the endocrine system.
Calms the mind.
Strengthens the core.
Enhances ability to concentrate and remain focused.
Increases body awareness.
Helps with circulation

Here is a good site to learn about Yoga...Yoga Trainer
Click here to check out images of Yoga Poses from Yoga Journal You can also build your own sequence to share or
Here is their link to free 20 min. practice podcasts
On my sidebar are links to additional free Yoga Practice Video's

Raw eats~
a.m. smoothie~
raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao, 1 t. organic instant coffee

coconut kefir water

pineapple and raw walnuts (soaked)

I'll be having a Blended Salad/ for lunch and dinner today...but I must get off the computer and clean some veggies...I have not had time to juice and I am missing my Green Lemonade...

Take time today to laugh, touch and pray.

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