Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection Sunday!

Today many people are celebrating Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I am celebrating Jesus Christ Resurrection and how this has changed my life.
My husband got called in to work today and we were laughing about how he was going to make a name for himself in his new position at work by working on a holiday. He is known as one of the hardest workers at his company.
Well this was not so 11 years ago.
He said, "It is going to be funny when I die. The guys I used to work with 11 years ago are going to meet the men I work with today. They will say, I used to work with Jerry and he was one of the laziest, foulest guys at work and one of the men he works with today will say, he was one of the hardest working, decent guys we know."
This is just one of the ways Jesus Christ has worked in my husband's life.
My life has been radically transformed, too.
I will not discuss the details of my previous ways of living... just to say...they were unrighteous and an offence to God.
But God...
He gives me hope for the future and peace that literally passes all understanding. I've been through many hardships and trials... All three of my children had neurological disorders at a very young age, I've been through a difficult marriage and divorce and my own physical illnesses and failures. But God.
His death paid the cost of my sinful lifestyle against a Holy God...and then He changed my life and I have Hope for all eternity and blessings in this life too...more than I can count.
Nothing in this life compares to the greatness of knowing the Lord!
I hope you know Him today...and that He calls you His own.

If you want to know what it means to accept Christ as your Savior, check out this site

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  1. LOVE Third Day! Casting Crowns is another fave for me. They have such a heart for God and I can just hear it in their songs. I am so happy that you and your husband found God and discovered that life without him was hopeless. Aren't we so blessed?



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