Sunday, April 25, 2010

Woodpeckers....My Daughter & her Hubby Visit and...Day 6...High Raw...Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

A few minutes ago I was downstairs checking my e mail and I heard something like a jack hammer dog came stopped....then it did it again.... it stopped... then my dog went ahead of me up the stairs to see what the noise was....there was a Pilated Woodpecker on the tree in front of the guess is he first tried out the trim on our house and since it is metal, he went to the tree. The Pilated is nearly as large as a crow, it is the largest woodpecker in most of North America. Its loud ringing calls and huge, rectangular excavations in dead trees announce its presence in forests across the continent.I tried to paste a picture of one of these magnificent birds, but could not. Click here to see a picture of him.
We live in a wooded area so we get to enjoy many of God's creatures on a daily basis. I love to sit on our deck and just listen....

Take time today to the sounds around you...maybe you live in the city...but God's creatures are everywhere....some of them are people...are you listening or just waiting to talk...listening is a skill most of us need to work on...

This weekend we had to pleasure of visiting with my daughter and her husband. This is their first visit (as a married couple).. up here since their wedding in February. Ahhh...the blessings of seeing what the Lord has done, has filled my day! I am a thankful mama..

Since we were out with my daughter and her hubs...we went to the Olive Garden for lunch...therefore my lunch was not my usual, but sometimes certain occasions cause us to make different choices than the norm...

with that said...

a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ice

bowl of stawberries, kiwi, oranges

this was a major cheat meal~
lunch~ salad, zuchinni, stuffed mushrooms, flatbread with Bruchetta, a bowl of minestrone husband got some kind of chocolate cheesecake together we indulged in a piece of this...I have to was tasty....and we had such a great time being with my daughter and her husband.....I did not stuff myself, but had a sampling of the items in bold lettering above.

mini clif bar

kefir water

BTW~my husband is still maintaining his weight loss and still eating a High Raw Vegetarian diet...he is happy with his appearance, his mental clarity, having the ability to bend over comfortably, he doesn't complain about joint aches and pains like he used to and...:)...31 a substaintial loss...He burns alot of calories by lifting and stacking heavy items at his job and I am still seeing his body composition transform

we both did
Cardio/abs with Tony Horton

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Kathy! Like I've said before, I admire people who can easily enjoy a"cheat" meal then bounce right back. This is something that is really hard for me to do. That darned all or nothing personality!
    Have a wonderful week!




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