Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Groove~ "Brad's Raw Chips"~Coconut Water Kefir

I am trying an old approach to my eating pattern. One that I used when trying to recover from multiple issues stemming from systemic candida. I do not have a problem from candida right now, but I want to use this approach to re-set my metabolism and gain muscle and tone up a bit. When I ate in this fashion before, I lost excess weight quickly and re-shaped my body by adding exercise to my life. I am not really trying to lose weight, but I have been feeling a bit out of balance from not having sufficient fuel from not eating as much or as often as I should.
I will be endeavoring to eat at least six small meals a day with a bit more protein than I have previously been accustomed to. I am also going to add some brown rice cakes and Mary's Gone Crackers to my menu. I am wanting a bit more carbs for my workouts and my physically demanding work. I am not sure how my body will take the grain, but we will see.
I will still be on a High Raw Vegan Diet, but I want to be more thoughtful about timing and content.

Today's eats~

7 a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, mesquite, lucuma, cacao nibs

9 a.m.Green Juice~celery, lime, ginger, liquid stevia
brown rice cake with raw almond butter

Green juice
raw walnuts
4 Mary's Gone Cracker's~caraway...my tummy was not very happy with this combination...

3 p.m...After my 3 mile walk...I ate
1 whole yellow pepper
handful of strawberries

soy free (non-raw) fake meat crumbles ~I made into
CONEY SAUCE for the kids vegan hot dogs...organic catsup, red onion, garlic, cumin, red (hot)pepper powder

5:15 p.m. I wrapped my meat crumbles into a romaine lettuce leaf
coconut water kefir

7:30 p.m.smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, Amazing Grass ~chocolate~1 scoop, 1T cacao nibs, 1 t. mesquite, ice

I am still a bit hungry tonight..so I am eating a bowl of shredded romaine lettuce with nutritional yeast sprinkled on it and
Brad's Raw chips

~~~~~power yoga today and power walked for 3 miles

I am still drinking my coconut water kefir every day and love it. Pure2Raw has some great video's on how it make it. Click here to watch them.

I received a package of samples from "Brad's Raw Chips" they generously sent me two flavors to review. They are Raw, vegan, gluten free, rich in protein, high fiber,a source of Omega-3's and made from locally grown and organic ingredients....sounds good already!
We received Kale chips and Red Pepper chips.
My adult (Vegan) son and I have tried both of them and we prefer the Red Pepper. They are flavorful, light, crunchy and slightly remind me of eating a cracker. They would go great with a dip or spread as they are firm enough to hold up under it. I could not sit down and eat the whole bag, because they are dense and provide a satisfactory full feeling.
The Kale chips also have the same qualities as the red pepper chips. My son says the Kale is a bit overpowering for him, but I like kale so I didn't notice this.
Brad also has some of the 11 flavors in the Hot variety, which I actually think I'd prefer...I'm a spicy girl...and I think this would kick up the flavor a notch.

Here is what Brad has to say about them~


  1. That food intake looks great Kathy! What non-soy meat crumbles do you use?

    I can't wait to get the chips!!! Thanks again for suggesting me to Brad : )

  2. Nicole~I cannot tell you the name of the meat crumbles....I threw away the bag a while back..but when I come across them again I will send you the name.
    You are welcome! It has been a blessing connecting with you!



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