Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking, Working and Eating!

We are having gorgeous weather here in the mid-west.... Sunny and low 70's!!
Over the weekend my hubby and I walked about 9 miles and I got in a 3 mile walk today after working hard at it for 5 hours of intense house cleaning-on the job..then when I got home I cleaned out two vehicles. One vehicle I readied to turn in because our lease is up and the other is our new used car which needed a good scrubbing and carpet cleaning. I could hardly stand up straight when I got finished, so I decided I got my workout in today :)
I think I'll sleep good tonight.

Today's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, cacao nibs, mesquite, lucuma, maca, 1t. organic instant coffee
coconut kefir water
nori roll~1/2 avocado, marinated fennel, baby bella, roma tomatoes (Braggs,olive oil, agave)
1/2 cuke
2 celery sticks

Amazing Green Superfood smoothie~raw almond milk, 1 banana, 2 scoops of A.G.Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs, mesquite, lucuma ~I drank this before cleaning the cars

My son make a veggie pizza~

Eggplant Bacon Ranch Pizza...not raw but I had to taste it!!amazing!
Thin crust~
Spread this on the crust~
Ranch Dressing~vegenaise, lemon juice, garlic clove~blended in Vita-mix (I usually add onion flakes or powder, but I didn't have any this time)`thin with water if needed
topped with~
Eggplant bacon
thin sliced tomatoes
red onion
soy crumbles
bake until brown~ or make an almost raw one with raw crackers & no soy crumbles..use walnut crumble Taco Meat recipe and warm it in the dehydrator

Little Cutie~mint chocolate chip~over the top today!
Coconut Water Kefir~

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