Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 4...High Raw..Intentional Eating for Energy and Well Being

Today began a little different since I was fasting for my blood work to be done at the Health Screening. They were not able to draw my blood until 11:30 a.m....So this is when my first meal began....and I was ready for it.
The fair is a great place to make contact with others that are endeavoring to be healthy in one way or another. This one was given at the senior center, so there were many elderly people there. As I was leaving someone was directing the seniors in some functional stretches!! Yeah!!! for them. I won one of many door prizes that were given away....a huge Boston Fern!!!
They were also giving away travel toothbrushes, yard sticks, pens, pencils and eco-friendly re-usable bags among other candy & cookies...healthy??? Not!!! One of the vendors generously gave me one of their T-shirts that was there for display.

Check your neighborhood hospital event calendar for health fairs in your area... our county hospital sponsors ours.

11:30 a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, mesquite, maca, lucuma, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao, ice

1 pm one whole green pepper
6-8 small soaked raw almonds

3 pm big bowl of leftover Kale Salad from the other day..I added diced cukes and 1/2 jalapeno pepper sprinkled with nutritional yeast
piece of whole grain bread

mini~clif bar

6:30pm~smoothie~raw almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, Amazing Grass Superfood~chocolate, cacao nibs

Power Yoga and Sculpt 3-4 with Tony

late dinner~
romaine lettuce, tomato, eggplant bacon crumbled up, fermented ginger carrots, Italian Mustard Dressing
kefir water

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