Monday, April 5, 2010

Benefits of Strength Training~Functional Fitness

Today my daughter and I worked out cleaning a home for 4 1/2 hours then we went for a brisk walk in the park. There were lots of people walking dogs and children were playing in the playground.
All of the trees are beginning to bud and everything is turning green and flowers are blooming. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Everything comes back to life and shows it's beauty.
After our walk we did some shopping for fruits/veggies and some necessities and then back home.
time to go cop some zzzzzzzzzz's
good night

Yesterday's eats~
a.m. smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, chia seeds, cacao, mesquite, maca, lucuma,instant organic coffee


16oz of Coconut kefir water/celery juice blend

Garlicky Italian Spaghetti Squash not raw~
1 spaghetti squash~steamed or baked until soft enough to remove
sliced black olives
diced roma tomatoes
earthbound olive oil blend
2-4 garlic cloves~I used 4 med.
Italian seasoning blend
red pepper flakes
sorry no measurements~I just threw this is good room temp/warm or cold

small piece of leftover RAW CHEESECAKE

40 mins. weight/strength training and 30 mins of power yoga

I have been faithful to my workouts since the beginning of March and I am beginning to see an improvement in my body composititon, tone and strength.
Prior to this I worked out, but only sporadically because of ups and downs in my health and my schedule. Things are clicking along right now and the weather is warming up. I do love to get outside and workout.
Follow this link for the Benefits of Strength Training. You will probably be amazed at the improvements this can make for your life/health.

There are many types of exercise out there. Find something you will do.

Here is a link to free Functional Fitness video's.
What is functional fitness? It's about teaching all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently.
This is for the purpose of strengthening and improving all muscles to function well in everyday activities, it improves athletic ability and core strength among many other benefits.

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