Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food Combining, Digestion and the Colon....

Today I received a note from a dear friend reminding me of Food Combining principals. I normally follow these to a T, because of my digestive issues, but yesterday I found myself limited on what I could eat because I was not prepared....and I was hungry. Good reminder to all of prepared or you may find it easy to slip up and not accomplish the goals you have set for yourself or eat a disasterous combination. For some, they do not recognize or have identifiable symptoms of poor food combinations.
Many people have vague symptoms of digestive distress or other toxic symptoms of the body that seem to have no relationship to the gut...But you may have heard the quote, "Death Begins In The Colon" is a Great Article about this topic...if you read any of my links..check out this one
This article written by Ron Harder, Nutritional Health Consultant, Iridologist, and Author of "How to DEFEAT CANCER NATURALLY without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery".

These are the three general rules of food combining from "Frederic Patenaude's book", Raw Secrets This link will give you a bit of reasoning behind the rules.
- Do not combine fat with sugar
- Do not combine acids with starch
- Do not combine different types of fatty foods within one meal

This list shows the amount of time each food takes to digest...
When you mix something that only takes minutes and something that takes hours to digest, you get fermentation....gas, bloating..general discomfort. You become toxic, sometimes you will get muscle aches or cramps, congestion, pain, chronic disease....etc., etc....

Juices and Water: 20-30 minutes
Soups, Fruits, or Smoothies: 30-45 minutes
Vegetables: 30-45 minutes
Grains, Starches: 2-3 hours
Beans, Poultry, Meat, or Fish: 3 or more hours

Here is a link to a "Food Combining Chart"~that is good for anyone, no matter what type of diet you are consuming.
Other links:
Puristat~article about Food Combining for Better Digestion
Dr. Stanley Bass, Sequential Eating and Food Combining
RawFoodExplained has a series of articles - "The Principles Of Digestive Physiology Which Decree Correct Food Combining"

Remember to do your own research..

What prompted this article ...Yesterday, for lunch I had celery, walnuts and Mary's Gone Cracker's

Mary's cracker's are delicious, vegan, gluten free, wheat free and organic.
But the combination of fiberous celery, crackers and walnuts kind of hurt my tummy....just too much fiber in one meal.
The ingredients for the crackers are:Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, Organic Whole Quinoa, Organic Brown Flax Seeds, Organic Brown Sesame Seeds, Filtered Water, Organic Wheat-Free Low Sodium Tamari (Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol), Sea Salt.
Food combining rules fat and grains together.....the only true grain in the ingredients is the brown rice....they fat I had was in the nuts...I cannot say I felt really bad, but just had some from now Mary's crackers and nuts...
Mary's crackers are not raw...but they are a very good addition to a vegan, gluten free diet.

Today~I'll be eating more water dense veggies....


  1. Thanks for the chart Kathy! I really notice the discomfort even when I overeat foods that you can combine. I just went to the hydro-therapist and oh my! It just goes to show you that even being 100% Raw you can have clogged up insides. I can't even imagine what it would have been like if I went when I was a SAD eater. Thanks again : )


  2. I love my hydro-therapist!!!

  3. Lovely blog, I love your recipes though a bit difficult for me as I am from Argentina.



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