Friday, April 9, 2010

Resources, tools and trackers....

This week has flown by for me. I am sitting at the table with a bag of flax seed from the freezer on my knee. (instead of ice) I worked out a little too hard and evidently I didn't stretch adequately. Here is a reference guide to stretching and free videos to boot. This resource is from "The Spark People" a resource for all kinds of information and resources, and best of all it is free. This is not a raw food site, but the resources it provides are wonderful for anyone trying to embark upon a healthy lifestyle. It is like a cyber thing I didn't like about it was the ad's for prescription medication and for processed foods....but use discernment and do your own research.

I've been drinking lots of keifer water and using digestive enzymes lately and they have made a tremendous difference in my digestive health.
My water kefir grains have doubled already. If you are interested in water kefir, I highly recommend Marilyn the kefir lady. The grains are super healthy!!!

My diet has basically stayed the same. High Raw...more fruits than I previously posted. I've needed more carbs because of my new workout routine... and my new job is physical, so my energy expenditure has increased therefore I need more calories.

I've been enjoying the outdoors and walking more, Power 90, and doing Yoga.

My plan for today....skating with my daughter for three hours...oil change...and marriage conference with my wonderful hubby!
I hope you have a blessed day!

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