Friday, July 9, 2010

Ice Cream Cake for B-day celebration!~Vegan~but not raw

For years around our house I have tried and tried to make fun treats for B-day's..One year all of the kids had Manna Bread as a b-day cake.  I think they liked this one much better. One of my family members had a birthday recently and this is the ice cream cake I made.  Soy is not a typical staple around our house, but I did use So Delicious Ice Cream on this cake for lack of availability of my  first choice .  A better choice would be Coconut Milk Ice Cream.  On the bottom of a glass baking dish I crumbled Back to Nature Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies.  Next layer was So Delicious Chocolate Velvet, then a layer of Paul Newman's Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and on top of that is So Delicious Vanilla Bean. On the very top is more Paul Newman's Chocolate sandwich cookies.  I placed this in the fridge for a bit so the ice cream could melt and fill in the empty spaces and then to the freezer it went until the party!  Everyone was very happy with the cake....especially my vegan son!  You can use raw ice creams and raweo's for the cookies if you want 100% raw.  BTW~this is a great one to take to a family dinner and no one will know that it is vegan..  :)  and your kids can still have something sweet to eat....

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  1. Such a good idea Kathy! I'll have to remember this one, yum!



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