Monday, July 5, 2010

Great day for Boating!

After my morning smoothie and breakfast superfood pudding and some food prep for the day we are headed out to the boat so I thougtht I 'd post my lunch pic while eating it.
On the plate is my beet salad on a bed of beet greens, sliced cucumbers, red bell peppers (oops, I already ate one) and some cheezy sun dried tomato pasta with garbanzo's & broccoli and sprinked with Dulse Granules

Cheezy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Garbanzo's & Broccoli

This is the best I can remember on my pasta recipe:
1 1/2 boxes of organic whole grain penne~cooked and drained
then add:
1  c. of homemade Sundried tomato Vinegarette
1 c. of Annie's Goddess Dressing
2-2 1/2 c. of soaked and cooked garbanzo's seasoned with onions & garlic~drained
1 bag of frozen organic broccoli~uncooked
1 container of grape tomatoes~raw
1/3 c. of nutritional yeast
5 cloves of garlic

place in the fridge to allow flavors to blend.
 You may need to add a bit of water and or some more dressing.

We had a great time out on the lake today.  We enjoyed time with new and old friends and the laughter of children. So it was a good day!!! 

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