Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Bake Brownies - Super Foods With Jules

No Bake Brownies - Super Foods With Jules

Julie shares her recipe for delicious No Bake Brownies. Make in 5 minutes with just 5 natural ingredients. Get recipe:
Penni Shelton posted this on her FB page today....WOW!!! what a great simple recipe...I had to share it.

Jules is correct...I made these brownies in 5 mins.  and they are the bomb.

As you can see some are missing....they had to be taste tested!!!
They are super easy to make!

Here is a picture of my little garden...we live in a wooded area so it doesn't get much sun...I try every year to grow vegetables, but I usually only get a few.....any thoughts on what I could grow successfully with only five hours of good sun....???
Pictured are organic heirloom chocolate and orange bell peppers and organic heirloom English B-fast tomatoes and another type of organic heirloom tomato.  They are just now beginning to bloom. 

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