Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly CSA Share

Yesterday my son picked up our CSA share. He also did our share of helping for a four hours time slot during the delivery.    Each week there are three time slots from 9am to 6pm with volunteers that  come to help make our Community Supported Agriculture happen.  Some of the duties are: unloading the truck, organizing produce, setting up the area, posting on the dry board what each share receives, setting aside extras that have been pre-ordered. Raw milk cheese is delivered and are labeled and some of the wheels of cheese are cut up and divided and re-packaged.  Homemade grapenuts come too...they are made with soaked grains and succanant....delivered and labeled are organic free range chicken eggs,  raw milk, raw goat milk....maple syrup is set out & labeled for special pre-orders.

My share consisted on the list below.

1 bag of white potatoes
1 bag of yellow squash & zuchinni
1 bag of heirloom tomatoes
1 large bunch of swiss chard
1 bag of cucumbers
1 bunch of carrots
cutting celery
bunch of basil
2 bulbs of garlic

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