Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Moving!

Yesterday my husband and I began an early start on our workout routine.  I have been a workout a-loner for some time now and not as consistent as I would like, so I'm excited that he wants to start working out.
We are beginning with the Power 90  In-Home Bootcamp. We did the Sculpt routine yesterday.  I had picked up a couple of these videos at a garage sale for $2, but they were only the sculpt videos so  we ordered the whole package for $6.99,  used on Amazon and should get it tomorrow.  You are supposed to do one day sculpt, one day cardio and abs.... so in the meantime I had my hubby pick out one of our 30 min cardio video's.  His choice was Billy Blanks Tae Bo Kicks...for kids. Funny you say..when just starting out it is okay to start small and work your way to bigger things. For some this may be discouraging, but it is all how you look at it. My husband was able to complete the video and see where stands at this point. Just think how encouraged he will be when he reaches a higher level of fitness.
Sometimes it's better to complete something than to quit and have feelings of failure, especially when just getting started.
The Bible say's, A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul"...even in the little things.....I say.
Billy Blanks video is a great workout to do with your kiddo's and it can make you sweat a little.  This was a good one for my husband who has been sitting around for a long time.  After the video we went to our workout room and used the ab-roller and then weighted ball for some additional ab work and some final stretching.
We are thinking positive, so when we ordered the used Power 90 we also ordered the PX90. I am pretty pumped about this.

Yesterday eats for both of us~
Green lemonade, carrot juice blends, Carrotopia
Chipotle veggie rice for me but I did have a few chips.

Me~regular a.m. Smoothie, Green Lemonade, Eggplant bacon lettuce, tomato with vegenaise

Hubby~Carrot Juice
Green lemonade
2~Salads~romain, celery, onion, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes,asian dressing
2 bowls of veggie mushroom barley soup
2 donut holes

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