Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 2 of Juice Feasting

This morning my husband and I both had a slight issue with low blood I made some O. J. I mixed mine with grapefruit juice and water and he added some water to his O.J. This did the trick.
I hit the juicer again this morning preparing carrot & pear juice, Green Lemonade, Virgin Mary's and some additional O.J., grapefruit, ginger juice for me.

Today we will each drink 1 gallon of juice of these combinations, plus water.

We have also been taking an herbal laxative (smooth move tea or Genesis Today 4 Total Cleanse)

I lost 3 lbs and my hubby lost 2 1/2 lb

My husband is still talking about food.
I am feeling a little tense and tired today.

Both my husband's tummy and mine is churning today and my husband is ready to stop after tonight. This is a major accomplishment for my husband and I am proud of him.
I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow. I really do not want to lose any more weight, so I'll keep you posted.

signing off~

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