Sunday, February 7, 2010

End of Juice Feasting

Today we decided our Juice Feast was over. My husband was hungry and had accomplished his goal of losing 5 lbs. I lost 3.5 lbs.
We began our day with juice until about 5pm including some orange/grapefruit juice before going out to Panera's for a salad.
This is not the ideal way to break a feast. Water dense juicy fruit for a day is the way to go and then follow this with a day of fruit and then salad.
My husband had some frozen blueberries for a snack and some raw crackers.
I drank an Amazing Green Grass Smoothie.
My husband feels good and does not want to do this again any time soon. I enjoyed it and will probably do a one day juice feast once in a while. I enjoy the good feeling a fast gives my digestive tract. After suffering from IBS in the past I cannot fully express how healthy my GI tract feels.
Praise the Lord!

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