Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 5 of my Husband's Cleanse

Today is a Great Day!!! We are moving closer to my daughter's wedding and things are falling into place. Now I just need a dress. :)

My husband is doing wonderful! He weighed in at work today after having a nice lunch and still showed that he has lost 10 pounds!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
He is loving how he is feeling and that he does not have to go hungry.
His taste buds are changing. He called me earlier and told me how good the stuffed mushrooms are.
My husband is very encouraged. He is doing a Biggest Loser Challenge at work along with what we are doing at home. His employer has offered money to the team and the individual that loses the most weight by April. My husband is trying to help the men he works with by sharing information about the changes he is making. Many of the men he talks to are working on the starve yourself diet and then gorge when you cannot take it anymore. I have shared with my man that he will succeed because he is doing it for health and making it a lifestyle and not just a diet for a brief period to lose weight. We have been having many conversations about this since he began his journey on January 14th, which was 20 days ago. He is now seeing the difference in how he and these men are doing and what works toward success. He has always agreed with my way of thinking, but was just not ready to make the committment to change. He is now working out his beliefs through his actions and is getting the satisfaction of the reward. The Bible says, "A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul" Proverbs 13:19a. Oh, how true God's word is!

It can be very difficult for most of us to let go of our comfort zones as far as eating goes. We have been so conditioned in the things we eat. This began long ago when our mothers began feeding us, so these habits can be very challenging to overcome. Just take it one day at a time, or one meal at a time. At least do something each day, then as you conquer one new habit, begin to add another, then another...and one day you will look back and see that you have changed. It is also a good idea to rid yourself of a bad habit also, but I have found as you begin adding new habits the old ones will fall away.
Pray for strength when you feel weak. We have a Great and Powerful God who loves us and gave His life so that we might have new and abundant life in Him!
I pray that you know Him and if you don't that you will come to know Him.
Jesus~He is our life.

Today was a traveling day for me. We live our in a rural area so when I have something to do or somewhere to go, it means traveling. Before I left home I made sure I left a note with instructions for my man for his meals for the day as I would not see him before he left for work.
Here is what he had~

Fresh pineapple

Large Salad~red leaf lettuce, carrots, celery, cilantro, artichoke & garlic salsa, pumpkin seeds, and Thousand Island dressing (raw)

Black bean soup from yesterday with Valya's Spicy Almond Cheese and raw crackers

for his lunchbox~(dinner box)
16 oz of carrot ginger juice
1 cantaloupe (they are only 99 cents here)
2 pears
2 green smoothies
carrots, celery, radishes
4 small stuffed mushrooms (leftover from yesterday)

For Me!

Smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, lacuma, mesquite, cacao
48 oz of Green lemonade

Salad from Panera with part a whole grain bagette (lunch with my son)
Bread is a rarity for me...I probably won't eat it again for many moons if at all ( this is one of my trigger foods~bad news)

Amazing Green Grass Smoothie~(chocolate) almond milk, banana, lacuma, mesquite, cacao, maca

Green lemonade
Virgin Mary ~recipe by Penni Shelton (check out her facebook page or my link)

Pesto with raw crackers, celery, grape tomatoes and dulse flakes

My body loves me when I practice yoga and do other body movement activites. Try to incorporate movement into your day and see how much better you will feel. As Monk says, " You'll thank me later" :)

I'm gonna take a hot bath, then grab a bottle of Kombucha and hang out with my kiddo's!

Blessings from above~

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