Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to a new Reality

Life is always changing, of this we can be sure. I started working outside of the home on Monday after a 20 year leave. I am blessed to be my own boss and I will only be working 2 days a week, but nevertheless, it is a change. As this change comes I am embracing it and looking forward to how God will use this in my life and the life of my family to bring about His purpose. I believe we need to always be looking above to our Creator and resting in His plan for our lives, even when we don't know where it will take us.


With the festivities of my daughter's wedding I allowed myself the freedom to not feel bad about some food choices I made. I did not go crazy or go back to a Standard American Diet, but I did have some wedding cake and some seafood. I am ready to get back to my regular diet though. I really prefer to eat an extremely High raw vegan diet. I have not had any adverse effects from those indulgences, but I just did not feel as good as I normally do. Also, when I worked Monday I felt like I was dragging.

Today I ate & drank~

Smoothie~almond milk, banana, maca, lacuma, mesquite, raw cacao
32 oz. Green Lemonade

Salad~romaine, grape tomatoes, celery, red onion, red sweet pepper and Penni Shelton's Lime Cilantro dressing (I added 1/2 avocado)
topped with 1/2 c. black beans & a few blue corn chips

8oz Carrot/apple/lemon/ginger juice

Leftover salad

2 Superfood balls (recipe on sidebar or below)

My husband is back on the wagon too! I enjoyed falling off a bit too much. Sometimes once you begin to indulge it can start those old cravings and this is what happened to him over the last few days. He gained about 4 lbs. but he has already lost all but one pound in two days.

Husbands eats today~

1 cantaloupe
1 green smoothie

Large salad (same as above) except he had a bowl of black bean soup

packed to dinner on the road tonight~ (he is a trucker so he drives long hours)

1 cantaloupe
2 kiwis
2 bags of carrots
1 bag of celery (these are sandwich baggies)
4 green smoothies ~ water, spinach, pears, handful of mango, banana

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