Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work & Farmer's Market

Today was a busy one...off early this morning to work. I had a close friend help me clean and I am glad she was there. We were able to do an 8 hr day in 4 hrs...then off to pick up a tie out for our dog. I had to go to a couple of pet stores to accomplish this task and on my way home I spied one of our local Farmer's Markets. I had to check it out. This was my first visit to this particular one this season. The first stand I came to had organic signs up!! Cool! We chatted for a while and I got a couple business cards to share with our co op groups. I purchased about 5-6 pounds of roma tomatoes, a basket of purple green beans, a jumbo zuchinni & 4 medium size cukes for juicing, some jalapeno's, and a watermelon & peaches from an Amish farmer. He was generous and threw a few extras in my bag.

I also stopped by our local grocer and purchased some blueberries, grapefruits, romaine lettuce and red onions.
Dashed home to pick up my daughter and then we were off to Karate.
After a brief stop at Kroger to pick up some Coconut Milk Ice cream we headed home.
We are sweltering here in Indy..it was supposed to hit 110 degree heat index...not sure, but I think we made it.

My eats consisted of mostly smoothies, juices and blended soups....I did have a bit of the coconut milk ice cream...mmmmmmmmmm....dairy free, gluten free and sugar free...it is sweetened with agave...

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