Monday, August 9, 2010

Visiting with my Daughter and Food Combining/Elimination Diet

My daughter has been here since Saturday morning.  She has been busy most of the time trying to stretch herself in many directions.  My son in law arrived late last night, so today was the day to visit with them and have some family time.  After cleaning ourselves up this morning we hit the door....dining out and shopping.
What fun!!!
The last couple of times they were here we went to Olive Garden.  It seems to be the best place for fellowship....most restaurants now have T.V's ... loud music and are too busy....too many distractions...we were able to sit at a circular table and really connect with everyone there.
It was a happy day!!!
Now they are off to the Windy City for a couple days and will pass back through on their way home.
I truly love my son in law and am so thankful he is part of our family. 


I have really been experiencing some good results from my liquid diet and I am identifying some issues that I of the main things I need to do is adhere to proper food combining principals.  I have been reading Brian Clements book, "Living Foods for Optimum Health".  This  book has a great Food Combining Chart , step by step instructions, lifestyle suggestions, and more than 100 healthful recipes for a living food diet.   I love the way he and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo write.  It is an easy read.  It is not super technical but gives you enough information to help you understand the why, and the how to take control of your health. Good read... educate yourself...
I have read Many books on health and nutrition and I am finding this book still has more to offer and many good reminders of things I have already learned.

Today I did go off of my liquidy adventure as my daughter and hubs were here. 
so here is what I ate today~

I had a green smoothie and  2 green juices before lunch.

Then at the restaurant I ate some lettuce, tomato, olive, onion salad, no croutons, a side order of steamed zuchinni and two small fried zuchinni slices.

 Later I had another green smoothie

a fresh tomato sliced on romaine lettuce leaves with a bit of Vegenasise~my version of a LTMayo sandwich

some fresh lemonade with stevia and some air popped lady finger popcorn (organic).
This popcorn ,is an extemely small and delicate HULLESS has never bothered my tummy...I love this stuff.  I get mine from the Amish family that provides our CSA.  I sprinkle it with nutritional yeast , no soy vegan buttery spread from Earth Balance and Himalyan Salt.

Overall, I feel good about my cheat day. I decided ahead of time that I would modify my liquid diet today since we were going out with my daughter and her hub.  Therefore I was not stressed about what or where to eat today.  I did carry a cooler full of smoothies and green juices if the need arose.  I did not experience any digestive distress with the choices I made.
Tomorrow I am going to drink a lot of liquids and smoothies and maybe some fresh fruit and more fresh tomatoes (thanks to our neighbor for sharing).  I am going to continue to try to limit my diet and discover any other triggers that create any type of distress.   You could say this a version of an elimination diet.

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