Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heirloom Tomato Salsa & What are you Passing On??

Heirloom Tomato Salsa

2 red heirloom tomatoes
1 large yellow heirloom tomato
1 red onion
lemon or lime juice~splahs
Himalyan salt

We've been busy with school starting up and finishing up our summer classes.  If it wasn't for the heat we are having I'd think we were having an early fall.  We live in a wooded area and the leaves are falling so much we are going to have to get up on our roof to clean the gutters out.

My daughter and I went for a bike ride today.  The sun is hot and there is a nice breezy wind that kept us cooled.  Remember to engage your children in fellowship and in some fun physical activity. 
They need to know we desire their company and value them...just make sure you do something that they will enjoy doing.

For inquiring readers out there I am still doing th P90X~lean.  I'm on my second round.  I am not as intense about it as I was in the beginning.  On the two days I work, I do not do it .  I have a family to care for and when I'm gone, I want them to remember I put them before P90X. 
Exercise is important but I do not want to make an idol out of it.  I am exercising for Health~ primarily. Yes, I think it would be cool to look like a fitness model...but I want to love on my family and take care of the needs of life...and since we eat a primarily raw diet, I find that I spend a great deal of time preparing, (uncooking or juicing), shopping or making pick ups at different locations to have on hand healthful foods that do not break the bank.
Some do not understand why I take the time to  make all the foodstuffs that I do...well....I have been on the end of ill health** and it costs more ...time away from my family...focusing on illness can be very consuming for those that are close~all of our choices focused on how I felt, what I would be able to do....loss of communication with those I love~since everything was centered around me, I missed out on just being with them and didn't get to enjoy what was going on in their life...and $$$...doctors, frustration, pain and so many other negatives....yes, my family got to serve me, which is a good character developer for them...BUT...I like living, participating in LIFE and feeling good....that is why I do the things I do....I have had enough of participating in illness...so as much as I am able with the restored health and knowledge God has given me, I will continue to hang out in my kitchen and strive to live healthfully, so that I can teach my children an alternative to the culture we live in and in the process I hope to encourage others and be a help to them.
If you think about it..a hundred years ago or so people spent a great deal of time growing, harvesting, preserving and preparing meals....so what if I miss out on some of today's media attractions....I'm probably better off for it...there is so much pollution out there....pollution not only for the body, but for the mind....Most of the time the things we have allowed to pollute us, we pass on to our children...whether in body~by what we eat, or from our minds by what we have allowed into our thoughts.
May we be endeavoring to pass on good, positive and life giving things to our children or those in our sphere of influence.
What are you passing on~

**I do understand that not all ill health is self inflicted by diet or lifestyle and these comments are not directed at anyone.  I am speaking from my own experience with ill health and my journey to a more healthful lifestyle.
This has been a journey..... and it is one that I am still traveling.  I have not arrived.  I am just in a better place than I used to be.

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