Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Juicy Day

Yesterday,  I began a Juicy/Liquid adventure to give my digestion a break and promote some healing.
Today when I got out of bed I could definitely tell a difference in my gut.  I didn't realize how bloated and how much pain I have been in for some time now.  I guess I got used to a certain level of discomfort.  To most people they would say I eat a healthy diet...but some things do not agree with me and do not promote optimal gut health in my case. 
a couple of the things I've indulged in are...a piece of Panera whole grain baguette with my salad topped with goat cheese, a piece of Amy's no cheese pizza...raw brownies (nuts & dates combo and I don't always agree) these things were not consumed on the same day..but a little here a little there.....You know,  I think I've written a similar post before....there is a pattern here....this is one great thing about blogging..I can see patterns because there is a record .
I haven't had time to record my daily eats, so it is hard to think back to remember if there were any other items....oh yeah...a few handfuls of healthy (?) potato chips~the ones you get at the health food store..Right!
I knew they weren't healthy...but I wasn't feeling I chose to eat a few...
I share this because I know other people with similar  issues and how hard it is for them to stick to get to feeling good and you think~oh, a little won't hurt.... what I have experienced is that a little does is accumulative...maybe I don't hurt the first time...maybe not even the second is just a gradual internal inflammation that starts so small sometimes that I get used to it...maybe a little discomfort at first and then a little again....until the big pain occurs and then it becomes frequent and then I have to begin again...
If this is where you are...don't give up... and you are not a is a that I hope will not occur repeatedly in my life. 
My condition at this point is a functional disorder.(functional means I can function, but sometimes it is painful or I may not enjoy what I am doing because of the discomfort it causes..certain activities do cease)...but I would like it to go away...and that means that I must stick to the program...High raw...lots of juices..wilted salads, very few nuts, smoothies and blended raw soups and seeds (I will be experimenting with sprouted tortilla's in a couple of weeks when my Daiya cheese arrives..I'll post the verdict)

I had planned on only consuming liquids, but my daughter is here from Tennessee and I don't have as much time as I'd hoped to have.  Therefore, I have decided to eat a little fresh fruit in between juices and smoothies and raw soups.

Today's drinks~

raw almond milk
cacao nibs

cantaloupe~mushed up in my mouth....didn't have time or the desire to place it in the blender
my daughter is here from Tennessee for a short visit..

24 oz of Green Lemonade~celery, swiss chard, ginger, lemon, stevia
After my 35 min power walk/run in the heat this was delicious!

My three children and I enjoyed hanging out on the lake today on our in the sun.
A good friend of our daughters' joined us.

I took a smoothie and a red ruby grapefruit

I ate the grapefruit...yummy

here is the recipe for the smoothie I had on the boat

Tummy Soothing Smoothie
1 c. water
1 banana
frozen mango
this made 2 pints...I drank one and am saving the other for tomorrow

Strawberry Lemonade~this recipe was inspired by my oldest daughter from TN

1 pint of strawberries
1 c. of lemon juice
blend this until smooth and then
5 squirts of liquid stevia
enough water to make 3 quarts

I had a couple glasses of this today

Cantaloupe Smoothie

to make 12 oz

Green Soup of the Day

In my Vita Mix & in this order I placed
1 avocado-pitted
1 red jalapeno with seeds
1 large yellow/red striped heirloom tomato~quartered
2-3 celery stalks roughly chopped
I stuffed romaine lettuce on top of this to fill to the top of my Vita Mix
splash of 100% organic lemon juice
blend until smooth

This soup is delicious.  It made about 3 1/2 I'm saving 1/2 of it for tomorrow

I'm checking out of my blog for today...but if I have anything else tonight it will be one of the above liquid items posted

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  1. I've been thinking I need to do the same thing Kathy. I know I can't do it while doing Insanity but maybe the rest week when it's all over. I am really looking forward to it! I can't wait to hear how you are feeling by the time you're done!




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