Sunday, August 15, 2010

Green Juice and the Conclusion of my Liquid feast~

Thanks to my friend for allowing me to pick in her organic garden the other day! 

This was my Lunch today

Bed of spinach leaves
topped with a mixture of:
black olives
red onions
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
dulse granules

Purple Green Beans I purchased at one of our local farmer's markets
I was told they turn green when you cook's true

Today was my juicing day in the kitchen.  I drink a lot of juice and do not have time to do it every day.  So I try to make enough to last a couple of days.
This juice was made with:
one huge zuchinni
5 small yellow squash
6 lemon cucumbers
5 large green cucumbers
3 granny smith apples
2 bunches of celery
3 very large pieces of ginger
1/2 c. lemon juice
liquid stevia

This made 1 gallon plus 8oz of juice

Here is a picture of my cubby above my stove where I obviously shove  many of my cooking/uncooking books.  I have several that do not fit into this shelf.  You will see several binders in the cubby.  I like to print off recipes from the internet or when I write my own I print them.  Then I place them in plastic page protectors and then into the binders.  These make great cookbooks that do not get damaged by liquids I spill while working in the kitchen . I just wipe them down if they get messy.

This is a constant eyesore in my galley kitchen.  I am very limited on counter and cabinet space.  I usually have a large quantity of glass jars air drying for juices and smoothies.  My hubs takes 4-5 smoothies a day to work and I drink juices daily.  As you can see I use my glass jars for storage of dehydrated granola, crackers and fruit.
Above the jars in another cubby (it was a mircrowave cubby) I use for herbs, some tinctures, green juice powders, and superfoods...and odds and ends.  Hidden in the back are more cookbooks. :)...looks like I need to give this cubby some organizing attention.
For about a week or so I have been drinking loads of liquids...smoothies, juices and blended soups/salads
At one time this was the bulk of my diet and I find that I feel better and have better digestive health.
For several days I drank only blended drinks and then went to juicing.  I am still drinking a lot of juice...I do prefer them over smoothies.  This is just my preference.  I have begun to add some solids to my diet because this is what my body is telling me to do.   
My intention is to continue consuming loads of liquids...wheatgrass/barley grass/spirulina., sea veggies...and some solid raw veggies, sprouts, limited nuts/seeds/avocado and lastly in small amounts steamed veggies and Daiya cheese quesadilla's...occasionally lentils and lentil sprouts.  This makes for me a happy tummy and gives me the energy I need.
During my liquid feast my intentions were to clean up and get out of my diet things I had allowed to creep in that were not things that were best for me....too many nuts...some grains...and sadly garbanzo beans...

Today I have had:

smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, cacao nibs, maca, 1 t. organic instant coffee
12 oz of RED HOT TOMATO JUICE~tomato, celery, cucumber, red bell peppers, lemon, bragg's aminos, allspice, cayenne
24 oz of green juice
Spinach tomato salad pictured above
Daiya Cheese quesadilla~Ezekiel spouted tortilla, Daiya mozz. cheese, jalapeno

Later today I will probably eat more of those tiny tomatoes and some of my red hot tomato juice.

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