Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CSA share, Co-op & Bulk produce order today~

Once a month I have to pick up our CSA share at one side of town and our Bulk produce order and Co op order on the other side.  Needless to say I've been busy.
Pictured above are some beautiful sunflower sprouts I got  from my produce is the rest of the order I picked up:
Bulk produce order
5# organic gala apples
12# of organic granny smith's
1 case of organic celery
6# of ginger root
6ct organic heads of romaine lettuce
6 Liters of Volcano 100% Lemon Juice~organic
sunflower sprouts

Co op order from UNIFI
case of Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted tortillas
5# Daiya mozzarella cheese
5# Daiya cheddar cheese
9# Once again Raw Almond Butter


CSA share

bunch of beets
pickling cucumbers
bag of variety tomatoes
large heirloom tomato
6 ct. bell peppers
bag of green beans

I have pictured below a bag of 2nd bell peppers that are extra~free for the taking and as I said in a previous post, not many people want to take these marked peppers....and we had two big crates of them available at pick up tomorrow a.m. if there are any left over I will be getting them.
My plan is to juice many of them, but I am also thinking about dehydrating some.  I usually just run them through my food processor to slice them. I place them on teflex sheets place in the dehydrator until done. They dry up nicely.  They can then be added to soups, chopped up in salads or nut pates.

This is a picture of the bag of 2nd peppers

as you look at these watermelons remember they are organic heirloom melons and below the melons are jars of coconut water kefir
some of these peppers are seconds from last week's share that I haven't used yet and the ones in the bag are choice peppers fromt this week's share
heirloom tomatoes, pickling cukes and beets
beautiful okra~I like to cut this into 1" pieces and dehydrate it...surprisingly it dries quickly and is very crunchy.  I like to use it as salad toppings

***all items listed are not pictured as I had already put most of them away...too tired to bring them out for the camera

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